5 Basic things you definitely need to keep in mind before developing a mobile app

November 24, 2017
November 24, 2017 Ricky Philip

Congratulations: You’re on the right track, if you’re looking forward to generate new customers and give your business an upward swing with the help of a Mobile App. It’s pretty obvious that Mobile apps nowadays are part of every credible business, it is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged with your product. Nevertheless, let me remind you that just by having a Mobile App for your company may not provide the best results, there are certain things to consider before developing an app in order to keep it running. It must be User-Friendly as well as convenient to use and also have frequent updates.

"People tend to get hooked on the next best thing in a matter of minutes as soon as they get bored with the present App (Anyone out there playing Pokemon Go? Exactly). But there are also apps such as Uber and Airbnb that have gained huge success."

Nowadays, many companies have mobile applications at the top of their to-do lists, may it be Android or iOS. Churning out a quick app for your business is fairly straightforward, but developing a digital solution or strategic application is something your enterprise can bank on. As we believe building something quick for the sake of clients is not essential, moreover smart planning is essential for app development companies. Whether you’re a startup company, where an app will be the fundamental need for your business or a multi national sector who wants to make their employees lives much better, you’re going to need to consider few things before jumping into the world of app development & design.

"We’ve been there & built our fair share of mobile apps, and we’ve also hit stumbling blocks along the way. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love."

That’s why we’ve put together this ingenious list of things you definitely need to consider before building a mobile app.

1. Keep in mind the purpose of  your app

What’s the main purpose of your app? This should be the first and foremost question that you should be asking yourself while thinking of mobile app development. You should be able to define your app’s purpose in at least two sentences or less. If you can’t, it’s confusing for the users and not target sufficient to find its own market. There should be a consistent defined purpose for every app created. Such as gaming apps are for entertainment, Whatsapp is for communication, and Flipkart is for shopping online. Developing an app without any key purpose would only be just a waste of your money and time.

"Why do your users need the new mobile app? What does it do that your web app isn’t doing? Or what will it enhance and make it more user friendly?"

All you need to do is to put yourself in the user’s shoes: Why and When will anyone want to use your app? Would anyone spend their time using your app? Is it worth a shot? When you know all this, you know why you are developing your app and how you can gain success from your app.

2. Decide what platform you want it to work on

Which platform does your customers tend to use? Are the majority on Android? Then let go off iOS. Or are they the last of Blackberry users? You need an answer to all these before developing your app. Over the years of experience in the field we’ve learned that, when you’re planning to develop a mobile app, the platform unquestionably plays a vital role.

"There’s no sense in building a mobile application for an OS if none of your customers aren’t there."

Thoroughly decide on factors like the countries in which you are going to release the app, the target customers etc. If you choose a country like United States, you should be mainly focused on iOS and Android platform. These are predominantly used in such western countries and you can give less importance to Windows. Alos whether your target users are split between iOS and Android, consider a multi-platform strategy!

3. Plan for maintenance and keep the app updated

A mobile app development isn’t just a one time deal. You develop an app for a client and it doesn’t end with it. There are hundreds of similar apps coming out everyday, and to stay ahead of these apps is to keep your app updated. Mobile trends and platforms change faster than you know and you need to be ready to change along with them.

"The content keeps the user or potential client updated and brings in new customers based on search as well as retains the already existing customers."

Make sure you plan to incorporate updates and additional developer expenses before developing an app. This will help your app stay ahead of competitors or bring a sense of assurance to your clients. Customers get bored using the same version over and over as it becomes outdated and old,thus it is essential to keep the app updated and ahead of the competitors.

4. How your app is going to get people’s attention

Despite countless hours and expert attention to every detail in app development, many businesses are still not receiving the type of acquisition that they were hoping for. The app stores are crowded places and it’s getting all the more crowded in time, with Apple recently announcing that there are now over a million apps on their store and even countless more on Google Play.

"According to us, promoting an app is just as crucial as developing one. You will need to come up with a plan for promoting your mobile app before, during and after it’s launch."

The best you can do to promote your app is by building excitement among customers and potential clients. You can allow early access to a select few, give away free download codes for your app, create a new website or show about your app in your current website, promote posts on Social Media, write blog posts, stage an event to promote the applications launch, or even get a celebrity to star in your advertising campaign, there are thousands of possibilities out there and with the right creative agency anything is possible, all that matters is how much time and budget you want to commit to it.

5. Come up with a brilliant icon

Nowadays, the potential of mobile or handheld devices has become so much more evident than before. There are hundreds of businesses out there and how better to stand ahead than to have your very own user friendly app. It’s pivotal for businesses to communicate their objectives clearly to their audience and potential customers.

"With the app stores being flooded with a number of similar apps from all around the globe. Enterprises often struggle to create their own distinct identity and to establish their legitimacy."

Therefore, having a unique and customer attractive icon serves much better when it comes to spreading across a brand awareness. While browsing through the app stores, icons are the very first thing a potential customer notice and makes an app much more recognizable. With the help from a professional logo design company you can create the best logos you need and make it as appealing and clear as you need. In addition to all that, it should also be legitimate, comprehensive and visible.

"These are just a few of the things to consider before developing an app, trust me when I say there is a lot more. Just give us a call and let us help you out with it!"

Keep in mind that visually appealing applications may thrill your audience, but only its outstanding usability will keep them coming back for more. The easiest way however is to bring in your ideas to professional app developers, who create mobile applications that are highly functional as well as attractive. Contact Us to build Mobile Applications with the required content that has simple understandable design and easy navigation which builds a strong connection with your audience.

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5 Basic things you definitely need to keep in mind before developing a mobile app
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5 Basic things you definitely need to keep in mind before developing a mobile app
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Congratulations: You’re on the right track, if you’re looking forward to generate new customers and give your business an upward swing with the help of a Mobile App. It’s pretty obvious that Mobile apps nowadays are part of every credible business, it is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged with your product.
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