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In need of an SEO friendly ecommerce website? Wish to optimize your existing e-commerce store? Parel Creative, a well-known e-commerce SEO company in Kochi, can do it for you. Our eCommerce SEO services focus on increasing traffic to your store, thereby increasing your search engine rankings, ultimately improving your sales (make sure you have enough stock!).

In 2020, global eCommerce sales are $4.2 trillion and expected to reach $6.5 trillion in 2023! From the statistics, it’s clear that tomorrow’s market will be on mobile screens. People will not go to the shops to purchase things, as eCommerce stores give a real-time shopping experience. They just want to sit at their home or office, search for the products, select, buy, and receive it as fast as possible. Here is the importance of highly functional ecommerce websites and SEO for eCommerce websites. When they search for a particular product, the sites which come in the first pages of search results will have more chances of getting sales. As an eCommerce optimization agency, that is what we are going to do for you.

We are also a website creation company. So if you are looking for a complete solution from creating to marketing your business through an eCommerce platform – check our eCommerce website creation services.

This Is

Our Strategy

Our eCommerce optimization services work in the following pattern:



The first thing we do is conduct deep research on your field, the competitors, and target audience. Next, we'll try different ways to find out the keywords your competitors use to optimize their online stores, as well as the keywords targeted audiences generally use when searching for similar products.

Keyword implementation

Once we have all the keywords in hand, we include it in your website content in unnoticeable ways. We include it on the homepage, titles, product descriptions, and image metadata to drive in more traffic to your website


With the information gathered from our research, we also make the necessary changes to your website design to make it more appealing and user-friendly.

Create customized content

It's a vital part of SEO for eCommerce websites to engage readers and make them stay on the page. We have skilled writers who can create blogs that will drive more traffic to your website's product page.


We optimize your product page by giving appropriate titles, descriptions, product bounded designs, images, and sales icons that will make your website easily crawled by search engines.

Structured category arrangement

If you are aiming for a multiproduct, or single product with different types, the appropriate placing of those items is crucial for better eCommerce website optimization. Our expert panel will analyze all possibilities and arrange them in a user-friendly manner. We will ensure that the users will find it effortless to select their desired products from your website.

What eCommerce Optimization Services Can Get You?

  • Improved user experience
  • Better brand awareness
  • Elevated brand credibility and trust

  • High ROI and conversions
  • Targeting the right set of audience
  • Keep up with Google’s Search Algorithms
  • Reduced paid search costs


Our eCommerce Website Optimization Services Apart

As a leading eCommerce SEO agency, we put people in a situation where they have no other choice than purchasing products from your website! We make it possible through:

  • SEO professionals specialized in eCommerce SEO
  • Ten years of experience in delivering eCommerce SEO services to clients across the globe
  • The use of sophisticated eCommerce tools and technologies.
  • In-depth knowledge of Google Search Algorithms
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Not digital marketing services, but also our competent website, mobile app development services.

Now it’s time for action! If you wish to boost the ranking of your eCommerce website and increase your leads and sales, wait no more, contact us today!

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