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Animated Explainer Videos

We are a dynamic explainer video company in Kochi and Singapore. We provide explainer video making services so that our videos create an effective medium to spread the word about your company’s products and service. Our team comprises experienced creative professional who are pioneers to develop super fine customized explainer videos as per the client’s requirements. We are the best explainer video company in Kochi & Singapore; we can tackle the power of explainer videos to the best of any brand’s advantage.

At Parel Creative, we believe video has the power to educate the audience, promote products, humanize brands, and much more. So, we work with clients over the world to execute an ongoing video strategy, where our team creates high quality and engaging short animated explainer videos to raise their brand awareness and conversion rates. Our experience as an explainer video company is unmatched because we have been the choice of many iconic brands who wished to connect better with their targeted audience.

Why Video?

“Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey states that 68% of people wish to learn about a new product/service by watching short videos.”

Human attention spans are getting shorter day by day. So, compared to reading, which is time-consuming and requires more patience, shorter motion graphics videos help deliver messages more efficiently through visual and auditory storytelling elements.

Our Methodology

The Processes Perfected Through A Decade Of Experience

At Parel Creative, we have around ten years of experience in video production services. We go through a systematic procedure to break down complicated ideas about your services/products and convert them into short and adorable explainer videos that will attract and educate the audience and convert them to your long-term customers.

Below mentioned is our successful video creation strategy:



We do thorough research to identify what makes your business tick.


Our creative content writers develop custom scripts, and illustrators create visual concepts accordingly.


We'll present you with a storyboard modified and perfected by our group of motion design and graphic design experts.


Once approved, our animators put life into the storyboard, along with voiceover and sound effects.

This systematic and effective method combined with modern technology (we use the latest software for our video post-production and editing, like adobe after effects, Illustration, etc.) go into the completion of great animation videos.


Whiteboard Animation

Explaining ideas in a simple and engaging format.

Tell your service as a story, as hand-drawn animations. Visuals are delivered boldly and clearly, adding a fun element that makes your message engaging and memorable. This simplest execution of your ideas can travel through person to person, smartphone to smartphone, and Facebook statuses to Instagram stories, as there is something to enjoy in it. The moving hand-drawn pictures or sketches gives it a lively feeling, creating awareness and explanation vigorously and enjoyably.

They not only enjoy it like seeing a cartoon but also engage in the core meaning it delivers. The animation video, in a short period, conveys your capability with your services, convinces them, and drags them to your product.

The presence of a creative team with hands-on, most recent versions of software, and facilities make Parel Creative the best-animated explainer video company in Kerala.


Motion Graphics

Telling Great Stories With The Touch Of Animation.

Deliver your message through the powerful combination of graphic design, and animation. The less time to load (compared to good quality videos) motion graphics videos brings more views with better engagement from viewers. Our team with innovative ideas and creative thoughts use this magical combination to reinforce your brand among the public through a simplified presentation of your complex ideas. Apart from focusing only on the service/product, we give equal importance to creating a brand identity through motion graphics. We make the videos comprehensible and highlight your key services and present the company logo and taglines inside it in a memorable way. It makes your brand name and identity familiar among the public. We are not an average creative agency. We have been a long-term partner to many successful brands, helping them create and implement video campaigns that work. Wish to see how it worked for ANS?

2D Animation Videos

Building Emotional Connection With Your Audience.

2D animation videos are said to be the most cost-effective and simplest ways of creating colorful and engaging quality commercials and explainer videos. The combination of our expert scriptwriters and video creators, build entertaining 2D videos that attract viewers and convert them to your long-term customers.

We deliver a wide range of 2D animations, including traditional animation, flash animation, comic, and commercials, whatever, as per your will. If you want to wow the audience and increase your leads and revenue by making them your customers, connect with us. We are ready with the magical formula for transferring your audience to leads.

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