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nhance is a company based in Asia delivering to users across the globe. Their mission was to bridge the delivery gap between content platforms and learners by making learning easy, engaging and effective. This enables professionals to learn a little every day and make learning a continuous daily habit.


Nhance wanted us to develop a mobile learning platform, which transforms learning content into games and delivers interactive, bite­‐sized experiences to users’ on their smartphones. In other words an interactive gamified learning solution!


Working closely with the client, Parel developed a solution that uses game mechanics to create self-paced learning contents and interfaces. Users have the flexibility to manage course completion and schedule along with sync option to show their assessment. The user’s journey through all the stages, from the initial phase to the final phase are all recorded. This helps the user to analyse their improvement in learning. The app also had a highly addictive leaderboard system for each stage. The end result was an App that makes learning all the more fun and entertaining. Post launch it huge success with over 10,000 new users added in just a few months time.

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