When Our Authentic Team Partnered With
An Authentic Restaurant Chain...

Mr Santhosh Das, the man behind Chopstix, and a business veteran always wanted to reinvent the food trends of Kerala. Recognizing a need for better dining outlets in Cochin, he started an Asian Culinary in 2009 in the heart of the city. Very soon within a year, he treads a new path by opening Chopstix, a fine-dining Thai and Chinese cuisine outlet here. Starting out as a single outlet, the business took off, and within a few years, the team opened two more outlets in Cochin. Finally, getting established in the field, the crew came to us wanting to build an online presence from scratch.


Although Chopstix was thriving, the team behind was striving to build an online presence for their establishment. They were in search of an authentic team to partner with for achieving this goal. With all the success that arose from the team’s hard work, they desired to have a website that could showcase their journey to opening and growing Chopstix, and of course, their flavourful dishes. They also aspired to constitute a closer-to-reach fan-base on Social Media and boost up their brand equity to the possible extent.


To begin translating Chopstix’s history and recipes beautifully online, a selected team of experts from Parel Creative gathered at one of the Chopstix outlets to discuss the details about them in-depth. Taking all that we had learned about this great restaurant chain from their team, we crafted a new website with professional content and designs that highlighted their story and beloved dishes. In the meantime, with viral social media campaigns and influencer marketing, the restaurant started forging a name for itself in the community.

Our advanced SEO tactics supplemented this. And finally, after all our efforts, the eatery brand is now doing better than ever with the right marketing partner on their side!

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