Outstanding Services Geared To Support Growth

Seeing the former clients coming back for more is always great; this is one such project from the business owners of the restaurant chain "Chopstix", who were one among our prestigious clients. This time, the team approached us with their need to get complete digital assistance for a new North Indian restaurant they are planning to open in the city. They wanted us to generate a brand name and take the entire responsibility to start building its brand from scratch. They also hired us to develop a professional responsively designed website that has the appropriate combination of extensibility and flexibility to showcase their detailed menu, while upholding the brand story through Search Engine Optimized content.


As per the team’s requirements, we needed to bring up a right brand name that indicated something about the team or what they do, and build a modern website that could tell their brand story and allow users to navigate quickly to find information about the restaurant, but still retain a simple design – all within a tight timeline. We also required to make it as much SEO-friendly as possible to make it stand out from the rest of the eateries, and focus on promoting the brand simultaneously through Social Media.


Initially, we came up with the catchy and recognizable brand name, “Tadka Pan”, and started working on the branding collaterals. We then did the food photography and proceeded to build a mobile-first website on the WordPress platform – a platform which powers around half percentage of the leading sites on the web. In the meantime, our content strategists worked in conjunction with our mad-coding developers and SEO analysts to create new content that could encourage website visitors to head to Tadka Pan, and further for improving the website’s rankings on search engines. This was followed by intense Social Media and print campaigns to get the word out to the community about the new hip hangout.

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