Maveli Run

Our Newest Attempt To Getting Ahead Of The Game!

Maveli Run is the first-ever infinite runner game involving “MAVELI” – a legendary king known for his grand benevolence and righteous rule of the kingdom in Indian mythological texts. Designed, developed, and released on Android and iOS by Parel Creative, this game sets a real fun challenge for the gamers by assigning them the task to make the king continuously “RUN”, dodging all the oncoming obstacles and difficulties on the way. Beginning with a slow and steady speed, the king gradually picks up speed as the game progresses. To hype up the excitement of players, even more, the character is set to run casually and make hilarious jumps, in the most flexible style!


Being first of its kind in the gaming domain, we went through a unique set of challenges in creating an unprecedented gaming experience that boosts up the concentration of the player. Along with making its design format appealing enough to attract the users, we wished to keep the navigation as smooth and seamless as possible, to make it easily adaptable to players of all ages.


After deliberate thoughts and endless brainstorming sessions, we accomplished this fun challenge through a wonderfully designed character of the mythical king. Since the character is mainly connected to Onam – a festive celebrated in the state of Kerala, the obstacles are meticulously chosen to betoken the unique and local attributes of the region. With HD optimized graphics, adorable animation, addictive gameplay, and bespoke music, we made it even more engaging for the gamer. Together with keeping the player controls simple, the game is developed in a way that requires quick movements and sharp reflexes, thereby making it an exercise to enhance player concentration.

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