5 Best Web Development Trends Today

The dynamic web development industry is continuously evolving and updating at a rapid pace, which makes having a finger on its pulse crucial in order to stay in the digital race. It goes without saying that the technologies that fuel custom web software domains will be the most sought-after web development technology in the future. Currently, it is mostly when tech giants like Google, Facebook (Meta), and Amazon adopt new technology that the rest of the world starts gearing up for major changes in the way technology is put to use.

Going by what’s “in” now, we have rounded up a list of five of the most popular trends in web development today and in the near future.

1. Single Page Application (SPA)

An app that focuses primarily on improved end-user experience, SPA is a highly responsive web application which works on HTML5 and Ajax. As the name suggests, it has a single page which loads the entire web page first. Then, as the user keeps scrolling, it loads the dynamic content on the page, keeping the user engaged. Instead of keeping users waiting, loading only those sections of the page that they can see on their screen, improves the user experience greatly. Better user experience means better conversion rates, which explains one of the major reasons why SPA has grown in popularity. Here is a peek at some more of its benefits:

  • Smoother navigation
  • Better loading time
  • Reduced bounce rate due to better user experience
  • Offline support
  • Convenient debugging

2. Dark Mode UI

Given how much more user-friendly Dark Mode UI is, it is not surprising how it gained instant popularity among the majority of web users around the world. Most popular websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc have already adapted to this trending technology, and the number is increasing every day. With more focus being placed on its visual design, users find it easier to enjoy browsing the web for longer durations since it is easier on the eyes.

According to Android Authority, 91.8% of respondents use some form of dark mode on their phones, be it to browse the web or use apps or even just the phone itself.

Here is why we think Dark Mode UI has so many takers:

  • Improves user experience
  • Improves readability even in low-light environments
  • Reduces strain on the eyes
  • Reduces battery usage thereby improving the battery life
  • Reduces blue-light

3. Serverless Architecture

Cloud architecture or serverless architecture uses third-party hosting for apps, eliminating the need for server software or hardware. The popularity of cloud architecture saw a significant spike worldwide during the pandemic and is believed to be the future of cloud computing, to be used largely by IoT apps and products. This model allows regular servers to be replaced with the cloud and lets programmers create and run web pages without worrying about servers.

Some of the key benefits of serverless architecture are:

  • Avoids system overloading and data loss
  • Reduces development cost
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Improves scalability
  • Scheduled maintenance

4. Motion UI

Motion UI is a method of incorporating custom animation integration with the help of CSS and JavaScript along with many classes of animated components. It is a faster and simpler way of communicating with users while keeping them engaged and is especially useful for product owners.

Here is why Motion UI is among the next big things in terms of web designing and development

  • Easy to implement
  • Makes the design and content more impactful
  • Quirky designs tend to go viral and this improves footfall to the website
  • Grabs attention and keeps users engaged and improves user experience

5. Mobile-First Development

Mobile-first development is an approach where products are designed from the mobile end first and then expanded into the desktop version with more advanced features. This trend was born more out of necessity, given how the pandemic aggravated the number of mobile users worldwide. It goes without saying that smartphones are changing the way we live, so making mobile UX a priority is not really surprising. It is a trend that has been gaining traction for a while now and is definitely here to stay. Here is why we think so:

  • Creates neater and more practical designs
  • Saves product design time and improves designers’ productivity since mobile has more restrictions and requires more attention to detail

With these new trends and many other advancements in web technology and web development, staying ahead of the competition in the digital world could be a daunting task. The best way forward for any business to utilize the limitless potential of the digital world is to hire experts adept in technology to do it for you. Are you looking to use these web development trends to improve your business? We are among the best web development and digital marketing agencies in Kochi and we’d love to help you out. Talk to us now!

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