Simple Things To Keep In Mind Before You Optimize Your Website For International Markets

Who wouldn’t like to get their brand out there to an international audience and expand their business’s online presence! International SEO is something that a number of brands consider nowadays in order to get a scalable and cost-effective way to grow and reach their desired international target market. Taking your content to an international standard may not seem as simple as it may sound, there are several important decisions you need to make when bringing your content to a foreign audience. Therefore, what are the additional elements you need to take into consideration for a successful international SEO process? Below, we’ll dive into some of the basic knowledge you need to acquire to make the best use of international SEO for your business.

1) Translate Your Content

You might already have thought-provoking and appealing content on your website, but what if your clients are totally unfamiliar with the language you’ve used on your website or blog. So whatever you do have on your website, you’d want to translate it into the language you are going after. Keep in mind that the majority of the world doesn’t just speak English, there are languages like Hindi, Arabic and many more that are extremely popular and there’s a ton of clients in the international market. So if you have a translated content for your website it brings in more clients who are searching for your keywords using their native language. In case you don’t have the resources to translate your content for each language you want to target, you can simply add Google Translate to your site. It ensures that your website visitors can see your content in their own language view.

2) Know Which Country To Target

You probably won’t be able to translate your website to every language in the world, the most effective method is to understand which countries are appropriate for your business. Therefore before you even think about international SEO, do a thorough analysis on which countries have enough organic search volume of relevant and reasonably competitive keywords that would compensate your SEO efforts. The countries from you get more traffic are the ones you should target and prioritize in your international SEO process.

3) Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly

An average of only 10% of the users in the most active internet countries has fast WiFi or even broadband services. Therefore the faster your website loads, the better rank your site has in different countries. Suppose your webpage takes anything more than a few seconds of loading time, then you could definitely lose some potential customers. As there are hundreds of competitors out there who can get the results much faster. Therefore never take chances that can cause you to lose a significant amount of web traffic. PageSpeed Insights is one of those tools that can help you analyze your website loading speed and guide you to correct all the errors that slows your website down. If your website load speed is below 50, your website is really slow and you need to work on improving it.

Other Quick Tips For International SEO

There are also other ways to show search engines that you target specific countries:

    • Hosting your site on a local IP
    • Link blogs and article related to your website to the local contents
    • Track and analyze the local blog or website that are quite well known in your targeted country, and have them implement links from to your business.

There are also many other factors which you need to consider before you optimize your website for international markets, which we will discuss in our upcoming blogs. Optimizing your website for international markets doesn’t have to be complicated as it seems to be. You can start this year by boosting your skills to try out new ideas and if you are still confused, get in touch with digital marketing experts who can guide your business in the right direction.


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