Social Media Trends That Everyone Should Know About

With the increase in Social Media users over the years, it is predicted that there will be over 3 billion users by 2020. There has also been significant changes in the Social media trends as well as algorithms. This large amount of social media users have triggered almost 90% of marketers to take advantage of social media and digital marketing. Social media marketing surely can give your business the boost it needs, not only can you update your followers with product info and sales-related briefs. Taking advantage of Social media you can also help your business connect with and learn from your consumers and the industrial competitors. Nevertheless, marketers and commercial experts are thoroughly integrating social media marketing with their core marketing strategies. Therefore to gain more insights into the expanding your business, we are here with some of the most significant social media marketing trends.

1.Social Media Video Contents

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, video content on social media is what marketers need to focus on right now. No matter what products you’re selling, or what business you do, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy on the biggest video platforms, you’ll have a long, slow path towards success. It’s no surprise that video contents on Social Media are on the rise and by 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 80% of search traffic.

2. ChatBots for increased CRM

Bettering the efficiency and impacting on customer service, ChatBots technology is the salvation of a number of businesses and agencies. Chatbots can change Customer relationship management by increasing the response rate and by directly fielding questions and giving a response on social media channels. The major setback of human capabilities is that they can only really give attention to a single inquiry or online interaction at a time. Chatbots can revolutionize and make this process more efficient, thus opening up channels and building better interaction with the customer. In fact technologies such as chatbots and Artificial Intelligence enabled communications to mean that always-on customer service is now a reality.

3. Virtual reality and augmented reality

Both VR and AR were initially used for gaming purposes, but now several companies are seeing this as a great potential to reach relevant customers who use these platforms.Virtual Reality uses 360-degree videos to virtually move you from your current environment and into an entirely different digital world. Meanwhile, augmented reality transforms your current surroundings by adding digital information to your line of sight. With these technologies, audiences can go to where their marketers are and understand more about them. These reality technologies give them an opportunity to interact with their audiences in different new ways.

4.Paid Advertising On Social Networks

More businesses and agencies are sprouting all over, hence increasing the usage of Social Advertising. This increase has led social networks to rise with even more options for advertisers. Marketers and commercial businesses have realized that social media advertising is a tool that they’re going to need to use if they need to succeed in reaching the desired social media users. In future, the number of social media networks and networking apps will expand their advertising benefaction. As Social media is being used everywhere, and along with it the social media advertising is growing globally. Regardless of your business, you can find ways to make social advertising definitely work for you Social media being next best thing in digital marketing, it’s imperative for businesses and marketers to work on improving the social media networking. Comprehend and review what worked and what needed improvement in the previous years. We expect a lot of new trends on social media in the coming years.

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