5 Exciting Features You Will Love About Our New Website!

October 9, 2017
October 9, 2017 Ricky Philip

Over the last ten years, we have made considerable efforts to provide your businesses and brands more effectiveness, efficiency and innovation. But most importantly, we’ve always stayed ahead to deliver you the commercial success you need. For the past couple of months, we’ve been busy ourselves on a new website that will be more valuable to you, “our clients”. We’re sure that our new website delivers on that promise!

With our newly designed website, we’re furthering the commitment of equipping businesses and brands with newer innovative designs. Which are more user friendly and easier to surf through, to help you improve your bottom lines.

Here are a some of the new and updated features you will experience while navigating our website.

1. A More Responsive Design

This is a new exciting feature to our redesigned site. You will notice a considerable difference in the look and feel of our new website. Using the responsive web design technology, our site will adapt and respond to the orientation of your screen size and resolution. Our talented design team has worked to include more visual elements, eye-catching layout.

2. User Interactive Blogs

An addition to our site, Blogs! The best way to interact with potential customers and clients. You can give us your feedbacks as well, or else want to share it with others? We have also integrated Social Media buttons that appear at the end of blog entries. Now you can more easily and seamlessly share the content from our website, and let others in on what’s new.

3. Live Chat For Easier Client Interaction

Our new website also gives you the ability to chat with our representatives online. If you need a new website or to enquire about app development or be it anything related to your business, let us know. Just leave us a message and we’ll call you to schedule your free consultation. Do let us know about your service needs.

4. Simplified And More Elaborate Client Portfolio

We are a global company working from India and Singapore, with over 200 projects completed and more than 100 clients across the globe. Our international reach means we can maintain customer requirements and excel in what we do. Our new and updated portfolio show how we have helped clients all over the globe.
You can rest assured that our experienced team will use all our resources to deliver a high-quality service wherever your business is operating.

5. New And Improved Logo

A logo is an amalgam of text and visual image that serves two purposes. It tells the audience the name of the company and it also creates a visual symbol that represents your business. What better way to represent our company than an Ambigram. After many hours of dedicated research we came up with an amazing logo to represent our company.

Go on take a look at our new Parel website. It may inspire you in many ways. We hope you enjoy our new website. We pride ourselves on always listening to our clients feedback, hence we look forward to any comments or suggestions you might have for us! Give us a call or come pay us a visit and see for yourself what we are capable of, we are there for you to drive your business to greater digital efficiency!

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