4 Reasons Why The Future Of Your Company Lies In Digital Marketing!

As the times change, people change, and so does technology! Over the past 30 years, the single biggest event that has affected marketing is that a great multitude has adopted the use of internet into their everyday life. Why spend a huge amount of money on Encyclopedias when you get better and updated information free, online? The increase in all kinds of information online has made digital marketing a tool and one of the best way to reach out to your targeted audience.

How Digital Marketing Became A Success?

After the early hype of the internet, it only communicated 1% of the information in the form of telecommunications networks. A greater emphasis was then placed on digital marketing through information sharing. The Internet continued to grow, driven by globalization and bringing people together, with the introduction of social media sites such as: LinkedIn: 2002 Myspace: 2003 Facebook: 2004 and Twitter: 2007 All these social networking sites made the Internet a success, as it became a trend for internet users to share more and more personal data online. The following survey was done by Hootsuite which clearly shows how Internet has influenced people and the average time a person spends on the Net. Considering all the facts on digital marketing and the higher interest of customers in browsing the net and online shopping. Digital marketing has not only proved to be an effective marketing channel but is also an investment wise decision that can help you grow your business. If your company isn’t fully embracing the digital age, here are a few good reasons why your company’s success lies in digital marketing.

1)Digital Marketing Helps You Reach Your Targeted Audience

One of the best advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that you can reach a specific audience without having to spend tons of money on it. If you already tend to have a customer base such as an email list, a great way to find out more about your target audience is asking the right questions. On the internet, there is no limit to the answers you get and what better way to improve your strategy, other than ask the right people about what they prefer from you. By interacting with your customers, not only will you come up with the right strategies but also improve your customer experience, and develop an understanding with your clients.

2) Digital Marketing Provides Better ROI And Revenue

Return on investment (ROI) is an important part of digital marketing as you can estimate if your ads or campaigns are worth the expense. If not, it’s critical for you to get to the bottom of it and understand why you’re making a profit or loss out of it. WIth digital marketing, you are only spending to reach the right audience at the right time, chances are higher that you get the best ROI.

3) Digital Marketing Is Cost Effective

Digital marketing is the only form of marketing that gives your business the scope to reach out to as many customers and that too within your budget. Marketing your business digitally has proven to be much more affordable than traditional marketing. This infographic by Surge Realty Solutions shows how cost effective it was for them to showcase their real estate business using digital strategy. The expense to reach the same number of audience using digital marketing is comparatively much lower than the traditional method. Therefore using a social media campaign or e-mail marketing can generate the same message to customers for less money than a newspaper ad or other traditional channels.

4) Digital Marketing Makes It Much Easier To Track Results.

At the end of the day, the ultimate aim of digital marketing is profit, brand awareness and generate traffic. With the advancement of digital marketing, a number of analytical tools and insights have been introduced. These tools help you to analyze your own marketing campaigns and find out how these campaigns performed and whether it should be improved in future. Knowing how and when to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns will save you a lot of stress, if you’re still uncertain about it, the right professional help can get it all sorted. Even if your website has a large number of visitors and you’re unable to convert them into sales, it will eventually cease to exist. That is where digital marketing comes in, it’s all about targeting the right audience in order to get better results. Give us a call and let us help you do all that and eliminate the confusion on setting up the perfect digital marketing strategy.

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