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Searching for a UI/UX design agency to build a functional website or mobile application that can deliver delightful digital user experiences? Finally, you are in the right place!

Parel Creative is one of the best UI & UX web design companies in Kerala with a decade of experience at building impressive interface design and layout. We have an expert team of UI/UX designers who work by keeping end-user requirements a core part of the design process. They always make sure that the solutions delivered are capable of bringing sound user experiences, consequently helping you raise your ROI.

Why Video?

“Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey states that 68% of people wish to learn about a new product/service by watching short videos.”

Human attention spans are getting shorter day by day. Therefore, compared to reading, which is time-consuming and requires more patience, shorter motion graphics videos help deliver messages more efficiently through visual and auditory storytelling elements.

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Web Design

Studies confirm that “if website users are given 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of them prefer to view something exquisitely designed versus something simple”

So, the first thing to remember when building a website is that it has to be appealing enough to make a positive impact on your audience within the first few seconds. This impression made on the viewers can definitely get them to continue on your website and learn in detail about your products/services, finally turning them to leads. As an experienced web design agency, we can help you with creating compelling web page designs that are capable of capturing the viewers’ attention quickly.

Alongside, our best UI/UX designers ensure to implement proper web design practices on the website, as this can have a direct impact on how Search Engines crawl and index your website. Because this is one thing you may not afford to mess up, partner up today with us, the best UI and UX consulting services company in Kerala!

Mobile App Design

At Parel Creative, we follow a research-based user-centric approach to create the most appropriate design solutions for mobile applications in order to make them stand out from the millions out there. From iPhones and iPads to different Android devices, we design mobile app interfaces as per the design guidelines from Apple and Google. Being experienced as a mobile application design firm in Kerala, we ensure that all our designed interfaces strike a definite balance between visual appeal and functionality.

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User Journeys

Understanding users is the first step towards success.

We create a customer journey map from the user-perspective to explain step-by-step how a user interacts with a service – what touchpoints and what barriers they might encounter at each stage of the interaction. The design and user experience plan could be developed further based on these details.

User Research

From years of experience as a user experience design firm, we could say that user research is requisite to design. Without this, you may design your application or website in a way it works, but it is like designing blindfolded. To deliver it most efficiently, you need to recognize your users, how they will use it, and what all are their needs at each point of interaction.

Through effective user research, we make this possible!

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User Experience

We don’t merely deliver designs, but great experiences that fulfil user needs.

From the findings gathered from user research as well as customer journey map, we know the user well, and how and what they think. The design finally is built on these conclusions, providing a better digital experience.

Interaction Design

Our appealing designs include everything the customers need – no more, no less.

For this, our team of user experience and interaction designers focuses on generating personas, user scenarios, and wireframe designs. This is to ensure that your users will have the right experience while using your application or website. Keeping conversion psychology as the base and user-centric designs as a priority, our expert designing team will ensure that the end solutions will create a lasting impression on your audience set.

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We believe designing services has to be done collaboratively with clients, and hence we keep our processes completely systematical. And the final major step of these is service design prototyping. This will help us deliver projects apart from all assumptions. We continue creating prototypes (the rough sketch of design) until you say “yes, proceed”!

How We Are Different

Being The Top UI/UX Design Agency In Kochi.

Just a visually appealing website may not be sufficient for you to succeed. There are even more crucial concerns, including:

“Is the website capable of attracting the target set of audience?”
“Is it able to convert them to leads?”
“Is it capable of spurring customer loyalty and improving brand values?” and many more.

Not every web design firm builds websites or applications that will answer all these concerns. At Parel, our approach is certainly different. We will take you through the below mentioned straightforward path to bring your ideas to ‘life’ with the best interfaces and functionalities, assuring immediate ROI for your business:

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  • We start by defining your goals and requirements.
  • We analyze the behaviours of your target audiences and the strategies of your rivals.
  • We align your needs with real user experience and further recommend the best tools and techniques based on your niche, budgets, and deadline. 
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  • Our UI/UX designers will create and share the wireframes showing the key UI features, with you.
  • Our expert UI/UX design testing team will then ensure that everything is powered up to maximum usability.
  • In the meantime, we will collect your feedback and make the needed design improvements.

Once you are completely satisfied with the design, our website or app development team will take over the work to make the graphical product run as smoothly as possible on every platform (of your choice). And the result would be increased website traffic with strong user interaction, thereby increasing your sales!

With a decade in UI/UX designing, we have crafted delightful experiences for hundreds of companies and brands over the world. To read some of our success stories:

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