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As an expert custom mobile app development company in Kochi, and in Singapore, you’ll get the best Mobile app development services from us.
Looking to leverage the appropriate mobile app technology for your business to embrace success? Well, the expert mobile application developers of Parel Creative are at your service! We deliver world-class Android mobile applications and iOS mobile applications to help your services reach your targeted customer base over their most convenient devices.

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Mobile Apps In Everyday Life

They are no longer luxury, but necessity.

We live in a mobile era, with around 3.5 billion mobile users and 1.5 billion tablet users worldwide. This means the number of mobile users now is pretty much higher than those who use a desktop! Researches also report that about 81% of the total mobile device users search for a desired product or service online, and roughly 26% of them search for a related mobile application.

So by now, you might have realized the necessity of owning a useful mobile app and the right online presence to attract customers. Even though you have a small business, to be future-ready, you need to maintain a mobile app that is well optimized to provide improved customer experience and have better conversions.

As a successful mobile app development company in Kochi and Singapore with several proficient mobile applications under the belt, Parel Creative can help you build high-quality mobile apps of any category. No matter how complex or straightforward your idea is, we can get you covered from ideation to publishing.


We Know What It Takes To Build A Perfect Mobile App

A decade in the mobile app development domain has enabled us to craft a well-structured app development process that lets us provide the right form of assistance at each stage, from strategy to support. This include:

digital marketing consultants

Initial Consulting

Whether you are looking to build a new mobile application for your business or redesign your existing mobile app, we can help you. We'll carefully listen to your concepts, goals, expectations, and technical requirements during the initial meet to shape the right project strategy.

optimize client campaigns


We meticulously analyze your business, the current trends in your business sector, competitors, and the targeted set of audience. The details collected during this stage will help us build the perfect application that can attract your target audience and beat your competitors.

Local SEO

App Design

Consequently, our team of UI/UX designers create stunning designs with different looks and feels for your application. While concentrating on the creative part, they will also make sure that the mobile app designs are user-friendly.

Create customized content

App Prototype

Once you have chosen from our collection of designs, the team will start to work on every app screen of the project to develop a fully functional prototype that can be accessed from any mobile or desktops.

off page optimization

App Development

When you are satisfied with the built prototype, our team will initiate the development phase parallel for iOS, Android, Back-End/CMS, or Web app using the cutting-edge technologies.

App Testing

User test cases are created to provide quality assurance by making sure it is bug-free.

App Deployment

Once the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) has been signed off, our mobile app development team will configure and set up the cloud server and deploy the developed application to the App Store or Play Store.

Structured category arrangement


The duty of an app development firm doesn't end there. The smooth functioning of the app needs periodic maintenance and updates. We check the app performance and user reactions regularly to make appropriate changes.

As an expert custom mobile app development company in Kochi, India with headquarters in Singapore, you’ll get these services from us.

Our Success Stories

These works will prove our words!

Take a glimpse at the success stories of the sales-driving mobile applications implemented by us before making a decision.

Maybe some our client portfolio or logos

App Store Optimization services

Android App Development

Build better client relationships with bespoke Android app solutions..

Studies reveal that Google’s Android owns 70.68% of the current mobile operating system market share. Being an open-source platform, Android provides a free Software Development Kit (SDK) to the developer community, thereby making it the favorite choice for most businesses to create user-friendly applications at minimum cost.

iOS App Development

Boost up your business operations with feature-rich iOS applications!

Researches say that iOS users usually manage their lives from their phones. So, if you plan to develop shopping, banking, fashion, or life management apps, it makes sense that you start by developing them for Apple device users.

Augmented Reality App Development

Stay ahead of your rivals with a futuristic AR app!

The future of mobile applications is Augmented Reality (AR)! Taking visualization to an elevated level, AR solutions entice more clientele. Applications integrated with Augmented Reality haze the line between something happening real and something being generated by the AR solution, thereby boosting the user’s senses in terms of what he is seeing, and feeling. No wonder, more and more businesses are adopting this technology today to take their user experiences to the subsequent level. If you want to make yourself a more successful brand through a mobile app, this is the right time to join the club!

Kotlin App Development

Leverage the power of ‘Kotlin’ to keep pace with the most thriving firms!

‘Kotlin’ is the new brilliant programming language of Google that marked the dawn of a brand-new era of Android app development. This efficient open-source language for Android, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and native development, perfectly fits in server-side web application development due to the extensive perks it offers. Despite being new on the market, here are more reasons why you should choose Kotlin programming language for your next app development project:

React Native App Development

Get natively rendered cross-platform mobile apps in the least time.

Like Kotlin, React Native is a widely adopted programming language for mobile and web application development today. Due to the hybrid app technology, React Native allows the creation of real and exciting mobile applications that are supported by Android as well as iOS platforms without any hassle. This simply means that you can have intuitive cross-platform mobile apps within a shorter span.

Wearable Application Development

It's time to adapt to the changing needs of customers!

“The global wearable computing market is valued at $25050 million in the year 2020 and is expected to reach $54930 million by 2026.”

This means that the ‘winds of change’ are here! Devices like Google Glasses, Healthcare Wearables, Smartwatches, and Apple Watches had already taken the market by storm. Consequently, now is the right time for businesses around the globe to adapt to their customers’ changing necessities and expectations to stay ahead of all trends and competitions.

Mobile Game App Development

Give it your best shot with our passionate game app developers!

Mobile games are one of the most profitable domains of the apps market today. Over the years, these have been holding the topmost positions in the most-downloaded app lists of Playstore and Apple Store, with millions of active users.

As an expert game app development company in Kochi, we deliver exciting games that are capable of hooking all types of players for hours. With a proficient team of mobile game app developers, UI/UX designers, animators and motion graphics designers with over ten years of experience, we are competent enough to provide your game ideas with brilliant dynamic twists.

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