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A recognizable brand is one of the most priceless assets a business owns. As a full-suite digital branding agency, we follow an approach that combines meticulous research, brilliant strategy, and creative advertising to build unique identities for brands.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy is an organized blueprint that comprises various components of your business’ character. Parel Creative, one of the most sought after brand strategy agencies in Kochi, is good at formulating this blueprint, moving beyond your company’s logos and websites. Our branding experts tap into every possible segment of the targeted audience’s needs, emotions, and competitions to transform your business into a legit brand.

Our Methodology

Being The Best Digital Branding Agency in Kochi.

Formulating a purpose-led brand strategy that transforms the way your business connects to people is a systematic process, involving two stages and several substages.
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Stage #1: Research

As the most trusted brand strategy consulting firm, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your business, dig out the markets, and grasp the ins-and-out of the products or services you offer.
We’ll then identify your target set of audiences as well as competitors.
Next is creating an outline of how your targeted audience thinks, what they really need and what all is needed for you to build meaningful relationships with them.
We’ll also check out the strategies applied by the successful competitors in your domain, and identify effective platforms through which your brand could be promoted

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Stage #2: Action

The research is completed, and now we are mindful of every possible segment required to give life to brands. The next stage is the action phase, where our brand strategy experts construct proactive brands that are constantly valued among the targeted audience set. We always aim to break the conventional mould of thinking; so, we make sure to imbibe differentiation factors into logos, taglines, and brochures that are created to deliver your brand message.
Our approach to choosing the platforms for sharing the brand message is totally based on the relevance of platforms for each business.
With combined marketing and branding strategies, our specialists will enhance your reach to maximum people, engage them in your brand, and make them your customers with a long-term effect.

Wish to see how we’ve collaborated with Coffee Cube, a cafe brand in Kochi, to create a brand identity for them through cutting-edge digital experiences?

Logo Design And Services

Creative Logo Design And Services

Rendering beautiful, appropriate and unique logos.

While forming a brand strategy is at the core of branding services, its soul lies in design. Our team of adept designers will create a distinctive yet straightforward and versatile logo that represents the very value of your brand. Our creative team won’t set themselves restricted to graphics and colors but also involving the most brilliant ways to show the values of the brand.

We have built logos for some of the most iconic brands. To browse through some of our recent logo creation works:

Brand Name Creation

Getting The Best Possible Names For Brands.

Finding a better brand name, is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business. Through effective brand name creation and further procedures, our experts will make sure that your consumers feel comfortable by all means about the brand they are investing in.

Brand Name Creation
Brand Guidelines Creation

Brand Guidelines Creation

The Secret To Brand Recognition Is Here!

Being an experienced digital branding agency, Parel will undertake all the responsibility to frame the best style guide for your brand. We build best brand guidelines by documenting the key elements of your brand with clearly defined parameters (colors, fonts, images) to exercise the creativity needed to present the brand before the world. This will ease out the daunting task of ensuring a consistent visual representation across different media.

Advertising And Campaigns

Creating & Optimizing Personalized Ads.

As the best digital advertising company in Kochi, we know how to develop creative solutions that make your targeted group engage with your brand. Combining our in-depth knowledge of digital platforms and strategic vision towards branding, our advertising team creates engaging and compelling ad campaigns. Promoting the created ads through all the available Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we assure you to bring in maximum leads and sales for the business.

Advertising and Campaigns
Product Design

Product Design

Bringing Your Product Ideas To Life.

Product design involves recognizing a market opportunity, determining user problems, developing needed solutions for that, and validating the developed solution with the help of real users.

At Parel, we follow a design-thinking approach to product design, where our expert branding panel will do thoroughgoing research on your product, market, and targeted set of audience. As per the findings, we’ll brainstorm and come up with as many creative solutions as possible from our end. Following this, we’ll implement design testing to know whether our design concept works as planned. We’ll continue refining them further until we are able to create a confident design that could be put into production.

Corporate Presentations

Creating a foundation for all your presentations.

Whether you need to draft a proposal, create a data-sheet, or publish a landing page, we could help you with well-crafted corporate presentations. With minimalistic design approaches, and properly researched data, infographics, images, and animations, we’ll keep the presentation visually appealing as well as comprehensible.

Corporate Presentations
Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Let’s Make Your Packaging Pop!

If your business makes any physical products, the packaging is something that has to be on point. Keeping in mind your brand identity, cost, materials, and products, our packaging designers will create designs that give customers a positive impression of the brand. With great packaging designs from us, your brand will be easily recognized and differentiated from the competition.

Brand Collateral

Developing Assets That Power Brand Success.

Parel has different creative ideas for making promotional materials that your brand can use to promote itself in the market effectively. With the use of different types of marketing techniques such as catalogues, corporate ID, web design, etc., we will ensure high visibility for your brand.

Love to read how we doubled the booking of Kingswood, a boutique hotel in Malaysia using our brand collateral techniques?
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Brand Collateral
HTML5 AD Banners and E-mailers

HTML5 AD Banners and E-mailers

Helping Brands Drive More Engagement.

Banners are one of the most powerful tools to enhance product reachability and website redirecting. Our HTML banner development specialists work with our digital marketing team to create eye-catching, user-engaging, click-through optimized HTML banners. These banners are compatible with different devices, screen sizes, and operating systems, bringing in better possibilities of using in email marketing. Studies confirm that email marketing using click-optimized banners and videos results in a high conversion rate (from ad viewer to website viewer) and to more customers and increased revenue.

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