Our Journey Towards Crafting A Brand
That Is Beyond Belief...

Yoga can do wonders – when increasing flexibility, making people stronger, and providing relief from some serious illnesses; but amidst of the busy schedules, it’s not always easy for most people to make it to classes. AHAM was a proud initiative from DREAMBOAT VENTURES PVT. LTD, to help out such people reap the benefits of yoga from the comfort of their living room by downloading an easy-to-use app. Once subscribed, the platform suggests video classes on yoga, and meditation, with the goal of creating a holistic well-being experience.


With the yoga wave that caught millions of people in the recent years, the market of online yoga apps has no lack of offers. In this context, building such a paid app that don’t get lost in the whirlpool of App stores, was really challenging. Apart from ‘alluring the audience’ with quality sessions and certain must-have features, we needed to contrive some unique twists to our app to make it stand out among the competition.


The Parel team started with the most challenging thing – the logo! After delivering a simple, but meaningful and effective logo, we started to research a lot on what potential customers are looking in yoga and fitness apps, and what exactly their needs and desires are.

Level 1 crossed!

Now then, our experienced UI / UX Design team worked to evolve a refreshing design with pixel-perfect icons, graphic effects, image assets, and colour palette that can bring the serene look and feel, while ensuring the smooth usability of the app. Further, our development team worked seamlessly to create a world-class application with unique filters and tracking options that are now being appreciated by users globally.

Once the app went live, we took insights from the customers’ usage and behaviour and improved the features accordingly. We are now constantly striving to upgrade the app with more innovative features, to make it thrive even more!

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