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Over the past ten years, we witnessed a drastic transformation in the way people interact with brands, and explore the products & services offered by them. Having been moved from TV spots and printed ads into websites and social media, you need to find new ways to interact with the online audiences in real-time and turn them into your paying customers. 

But with tight competitions as well as quick advancements in technology, harnessing the power of the internet has become too hard. Therefore, if you wish to be on the winning side, it is essential to seek help from an experienced digital marketing company like us.


A Top Digital Marketing Company In India

Whether you are searching for an online marketing agency to improve your search results ranking in different search engines, expand your business with active social media/video marketing campaigns, revamp your website for a marketing overhaul, implement efficient PPC campaigns, or restructure your current content marketing strategy to enhance your website traffic, here are reasons why you should consider us from a pool of digital marketing company that offer almost the same services.


Unmatched Experience

Our consultants have been in the industry for several years, delivering top-notch digital marketing solutions for an impressive list of clients from different parts of the world.

An Expert Panel

As a well-known digital marketing company in Kochi, we maintain a team of trained marketers who are skilled at implementing diverse marketing strategies. Their expertise comes with professional certifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and more.

Client-Centric Solutions

We offer flexible packages to provide full freedom for our clients to pick the services they require to accomplish their business goals.

Proven Results

From the day of establishment till now, we have a higher rate of client retention, due to the consistent results we have delivered. We follow a progressive approach and further ensure that the client's business wins maximum sales through the services we offered.

24/7 Assistance

We offer a full support team that includes SEO Analysts, PPC Ad Manager, Social Media Manager, Designers, Developers, as well as Copywriters, who are ready to help you anytime.

Guaranteed ROI

Our digital marketing specialists follow a tailor-made process for clients so that they often see a positive Return On Investment (ROI) within the first few months of initiating the campaigns. We also work with them to ensure that all their Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are met within a fixed time frame.

Optimized Cost

Unlike other digital marketing firms, we regularly optimize client companies so as to help them gain more by spending less.

Detailed Reports

You will get detailed monthly reports to analyze your business' online growth and performance.

The Digital Marketing Services

You Can Avail At Parel Creative

What exactly are our digital marketing services, and what are the different marketing channels we opt for delivering digital marketing services? We’re glad you wish to know this! Our list of internet marketing services include:

SEO services


Every second, thousands of digital searches for different products and services happen by prospects. So, if you want to get more leads and sales, you need to start with search engines. As an established SEO company in Kochi, we offer ethical and effective online marketing tactics to help businesses gain improved rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines to get more qualified website traffic and leads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

There are 3.8 billion worldwide social media users in 2020, which is expected to reach 4.8 billion by 2025! So, why wouldn’t you want to promote your products and services through social media marketing campaigns? Being an experienced Social Media Marketing company, we help you take advantage of all popular Social Media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, to drive the highest returns for your business.

Social Media Marketing Agency
PPC Marketing Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

As per studies, nearly 97% of online activities start with search engines; however, 41% of these clicks move to the top three paid ads that occur on the search results page. This means Pay Per Click is the fastest method to drive more audience to your website, consequently acquiring a higher number of leads and a more significant amount of sales. As a leading PPC agency in Kochi, we can help you set up and maintain result-driven PPC campaigns that are capable of driving more profit.

Content Marketing

We know that you deliver amazing products or services. But does your target audience really know that? We have a dedicated team of content writers and copywriters who develop relevant content that will entice and engage viewers. Being a thriving content marketing agency, we have improved website traffic and brand awareness for several clients through blog posts, newsletters, emails, press releases, brochures, e-books, and more.

Content Marketing
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