Coffee Cube

Our Journey Towards Crafting A Brand
That Is Beyond Belief...

The Coffee Cube story began with a simple idea: enable every customer to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in a relaxed and amazing atmosphere with their loved ones. As one of the first cafes in the Southern state of Kerala serving gourmet coffee, Coffee Cube has redefined and revolutionized the way hundreds of people enjoy their daily coffee.


Coffee Cube commissioned us to create a brand identity and digital presence that connected with their young, modern target audience. They wanted to inject some color and fun into their cafe business. At the same time, it had to be informative and also showcase how they were different from the traditional coffee houses which existed in the city.


From the very beginning, we wanted the brand to communicate a story. The cafe was to become a place where people connected and celebrated their birthdays, anniversaries and reunions. And this was not something people were used to until now. This concept helped us come up with the tagline which would prove to be the central theme of the entire brand identity: Celebrate Life’s Moments with Coffee Cube.

With this in mind, we went onto create the logo, taglines, color scheme, typography and brand collaterals. We also helped create a responsive website with a 3D 360 virtual tour of the cafe. Once the website was set up, we continued to work the brand to grow and evolve with a strong social media presence and search engine optimization. Our expert SEO team increased website visitors by 78% and the site is also on the first page for more than 10 relevant keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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