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“The global wearable computing market is valued at $25050 million in the year 2020 and is expected to reach $54930 million by 2026.”

This means that the ‘winds of change’ are here! Devices like Google Glasses, Healthcare Wearables, Smartwatches, and Apple Watches had already taken the market by storm. Consequently, now is the right time for businesses around the globe to adapt to their customers’ changing necessities and expectations to stay ahead of all trends and competitions.

Parel Creative is a forward-thinking web and software development agency with over a decade of experience in delivering a wide range of web and mobile app development services, including innovative wearable technology applications. We maintain an ingenious team of app developers who are capable of building feature-rich mobile apps for wearable devices for both Android and iOS. Our expertise spans distinct industries, helping us offer custom solutions for your business, whatever industry segment it belongs to.


Our Core Services

In The Wearable App Category Include..


Wearables App Development

We have a team of wearable apps designers and developers with extensive experience to efficiently take your wearable app development projects from initial concept creations to final integration processes with various systems. With expertise in both Android and iOS platforms, we are capable of delivering smartwatch and Apple watches applications, Google glass applications, IoT-based wearable applications, virtual reality applications, and many more.

Wearables UX/UI Design

Whenever we undertake a mobile app development project, our creative team brainstorms to bring new, better ideas for delivering excellent user experiences. They create not only aesthetically appealing visuals but also quality UX, facilitating flawless interactions through applications.

Wearables Back-end & API Development

Building robust back-end systems and ready-to-use APIs are among our fortes. We focus on formulating back-ends that offer more solid visualization standards, optimized performance, and improved scalability.

Wearable App Testing

Wearable applications and devices present unique challenges for quality analysis. However, being an expert mobile app testing company, we have enough resources to test everything related to your APP - from front-end to back-end and everything in between and get your applications fully operational.

Wearable App Upgrades

Being a leading wearable app development company, we are committed to keeping your wearable applications as efficient as possible. So, our wearable device app developers fine-tune your mobile applications and make it compatible with the latest OS versions to get it to work seamlessly with better features.
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