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Despite having a competent website, some businesses fail to build an impressive digital presence among the whole of their targeted audience set. Investing in domains like web application development could help such companies strike the right note among their targeted markets. As a reputed solution provider in web application and software development for over ten years, Parel Creative can provide proper assistance for you to build a more robust digital front.


Why Choose Us?

From our experience in developing more than 100 web applications across various industries so far, we have formed a unique approach for rapid web development procedures that have been perfected over the years. The significant steps of our plan of action include:


Research and Discovery

We start with an in-depth analysis of your requirements. If these are complex, we will break it down into more manageable tasks so that it becomes easier for us to implement, validate, and test, while moving forward.

Shaping Ideas

After rigorous research on your requirements, and current market situations, we choose an on-demand strategy accordingly.


The visual appearance of the web application has to be maintained at its best to make the users love it. Our expert panel of UI/UX designers crafts alluring designs that will make viewers stay on it.


At this phase, we will create an agile web application that meets all your specified requirements. Our skilled team of web app developers chooses the right technology stack to develop data storage solutions with the utmost efficiency.

Quality Reassurance

We have a coherent team of quality checkers who test various aspects of the developed web applications and report the bugs to the concerned team. Our project managers ensure that the developing team fixes all the reported bugs within the specified time.

Deployment and Post-Production

Once every feature of the application is re-validated, we will proceed to the deployment phase, where your web application is allowed to run in the real environment. Our team will provide constant support and maintenance in the post-production phase to fix any bugs or performance issues that are recognized after it went live.

Deployment & Support

Once the website is confirmed to be 100% perfect, our team will publish it through your custom domain. We will then shift into a monthly support process to check for customer responses and make the needed updates.
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