8 Powerful Lead Magnets For Ecommerce Stores

Are you an eCommerce store owner?

Then, you should know this – approximately 97.5% of the visitors (according to studies) of an E-commerce store never actually end up buying from there.

That means that more than 9.7 out of 10 of the visitors you have brought into your site by employing different PPC, Social Media, SEO, and digital marketing tactics are just hopping on your site without becoming actual customers you can count on for revenue.

But how do you turn these missed chances into valuable conversions? What’s the solution?

The answer is simple: LEAD MAGNETS.

What Are Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets, in fact, are those items that you offer to your website visitors in return for their contact details. It can take many forms like trial subscriptions, samples, freebies, newsletters, eBooks, and more.

Lead Magnets For Ecommerce Website

One thing to keep in mind while creating lead magnets is to understand your target audience’s needs and behaviors as this allows you to create resources that they consider interesting and valuable.

But Why Do You Need Them?

Most of the time, people won’t share their contact information just because you ask them. Instead, you have to give them reasons to do so. That’s why offering lead magnets is imperative; they act as the perfect reason for potential customers who have never heard of your brand to give their details in return for something valuable.

Lead Magnets For Ecommerce Website

It’s more like a win-win situation: your customer gets something of value, and you get their contact details, thereby getting you the opportunity to contact them later and possibly push them to buy your products or services by offering more value.

Got it? Good! ? But what kind of lead magnet is the best to create for your ecommerce store?

To help you out, here, we have come up with EIGHT powerful lead magnets that you can create and provide on your ecommerce website to attract more customers and build an extensive email list:

#1. Coupon

Coupons are one of the most often used lead magnets by eCommerce stores. Through coupons, you can offer discounts and rewards to your customers for your products. And in return, you can ask them for their contact information.

While providing coupons, make sure to offer attractive coupons based on customers’ needs because your coupons should act as some sort of incentive for the primary requirements for which they have visited your website. Only then they will be interested in providing you with their email addresses.

Coupon For Ecommerce Website

✨Pro Tip: It would be great if your coupons include any of your best sellers for that specific week/month. You can also try creating a coupon code for all your best sellers separately, if possible.

#2. Guide/E-Book

With lots of choices available in an ecommerce store, customers can sometimes feel like a daunting job to locate the right item that’s perfect for their needs and budget. So, you can provide your customers with free shopping guides to make their buying journey easier and more enjoyable.

Since these will make the buying process better, more customers are likely to sign up for your email list to get these useful guides.

Guide For Ecommerce Website

Need assistance with creating e-books or shopping guides for your business? We can help!

#3. Comparison Tables

As the name suggests, comparison tables are used to compare one product or service with similar options. These are great to include if you have a very strong competitor, but you have more attractive features to show your customers. You can also use it if you have multiple versions of the same product.

These tables can aid your customers to decide which product to go for. You get the opportunity to educate your customers on various aspects such as why a certain feature of your product is essential, how your product can benefit them, why your product is better than other similar products, and more.

Comparison Tables For Ecommerce Website

PS: We have used this method for one of our products, and the results have been insane.?

#4. Quiz/Survey

A quiz/survey is one of the most entertaining lead magnets available. Here your visitors have to answer some fascinating questions, based on which the results will be sent to their email addresses. This entices the visitors to provide their details in exchange for the results.

Quiz For Ecommerce Website

✨Pro Tip: The best approach is to ask them for their email address at the end of the session so as to build up their curiosity to know the results.

#5. Checklists

Checklists are nothing but a list of actionable items that you can check off. You can use such checklists for the promotion of your eCommerce website as well.

For example, if you are selling hiking and trekking essentials, you can provide your visitors with a free checklist for what to pack on a camping trip. This further helps customers to narrow down their choices which they will surely appreciate.

Checklists For Ecommerce Website

#6. Tutorial

A tutorial is great if you want to educate your customers on how to do a certain thing or how your product works. You can provide your tutorials in pdf format, video type, podcast, or simple infographic style.

It doesn’t strictly have to be product-centered; instead, you can teach your customers different processes that use your product as a tool.

For example, if you are into selling photographic equipment, then you can offer a short video tutorial on ‘how to adjust a lens for capturing landscapes.

Design Tutorials For Ecommerce Website

#7. Offer Daily Deals

Deals and offers are other attractive features of an ecommerce website that pushes people to try your products. Daily deals can include providing free shipping discounts and major price reductions.

Ideas On Daily Deals For Ecommerce Website

This will make your visitors share their contact information with you so as to get updates on your amazing daily deals.

#8. Email Course

Email course refers to a series of emails about a certain subject sent to you over a period of time. These are best if you want to distribute your lead magnet content into smaller chunks, so it’s easy for your prospect customers to follow and understand.

For example, if you are into the wedding party niche, you can build an email course that includes several short sessions for sharing information with your customers about the different steps needed to take a week before the event.

Email Course From Ecommerce Website Agency


So, that’s all we have in store for you! If you can use them perfectly, you are sure to gain significant benefits from them.

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