5 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2021

Is it possible to simply open up a local business and bring in a hefty profit without any sort of digital presence in 2021?

NEVER – be it a website, online and social media ads, or just a Google review, being online is a kind of acknowledgement to the people over the world that your business exists here. And of course, that holds true for companies across almost every industry.

However, to succeed in the highly competitive digital arena, you should have a clear and precise strategy that is capable of making your company unique.

But, Do You Have A Defined Digital Marketing Strategy?

When we researched the polls by ‘Smart Insights‘, we were shocked ? to see the percentage of the people who are still doing digital for their business with no strategy in place at all.

See, more than 45% of people are still working without a defined strategy.

Congratulations if you aren’t one among them! ?

If not, then you should definitely read on these FIVE ultimate reasons for having a digital marketing strategy now.

#1. You’re Directionless

Not having a solid strategy is similar to being directionless. It’s like you know where to reach but don’t know how to reach. The Internet is a vast platform, and not having an idea about the goals or what you want to achieve online can make your marketing efforts ineffective. Therefore, steer clear of it and start to invest in a bulletproof digital marketing strategy that can enhance your online image.

Get Help From A Digital Marketing Agency

Need help with developing a digital strategy for your business? Get in touch with experts now!

This strategy will work as a foundation and help you plan out and keep track of various aspects of digital marketing. You can then modify it according to your requirements as you grow.

That’s pretty much how a brand should be in 2021!

#2. You Will Miss Your Online Audience

If you don’t want to miss on a wider section of your target audience, then it’s imperative to focus on your online marketing. To reach potential audiences through traditional media marketing means, you need to pin down details such as  – what they like and hate, what they spend more time on, what they want to pay for, and more.

Reach The Right Audience With Digital Marketing

While this is valid for digital marketing as well, the audience targeting process is even more efficient. There are options available for you to focus on the specific set of people who are most likely to engage with your products or services and make a personalised offer that they probably cannot refuse.

We know the fund needed to employ a digital marketing campaign might be an issue for most of you, but taking assistance from an experienced digital marketing agency like Parel Creative will help you develop a digital strategy where your investments are used more efficiently than ever.

#3. Existing And Start-Up Competitors Will Gain Market Share

When you have tech-savvy competitors, you will need to work on making a space of your own in the digital world; or else those companies might end up gaining the whole market share.

Build Up Your Marketing With SEO Services

With a great digital marketing plan that effectively uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click), Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing, you can build up your online presence and be sure to rank ahead of the juggernauts in your domain.

#4. You Lack A Strong Online Value Proposition

Converting visitors to loyal customers can become easy if you have a powerful online value proposition. Personalised propositions tailored according to your target audience’s personas will definitely impress them, leaving them with no other choice than to be your loyal customer.

Take Assistance From Content Marketing Experts

You can create a competitive content marketing strategy and transmit it through different digital channels such as search, social, email marketing and so on, to start building an online value proposition for your brand. Finding it hard to develop a strategy? We have a specialised team of content marketing experts working from India and Singapore who are capable of helping you out.

#5. You’re Wasting Resources Through Duplication

Even if you have adequate resources to do marketing, it may be wasted if you don’t have a bona fide strategy in place. This is particularly the case when you use different agencies for performing online marketing tasks or purchasing various tools for employing marketing activities. As an experienced digital marketing company, we always recommend developing an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Try A Best Digital Marketing Agency

With a combined marketing team of SEO experts, content marketers, copywriters, social media managers, email marketers, and graphic designers, dedicated to working on digital marketing projects, we can help you push business through, without wasting your money and time.


We live in a digital era where people prefer to accomplish tasks digitally as much as possible rather than going out and doing things in the real world. With such an emerging trend, digital marketing has become the ever best tool that business owners can rely on to bring in more leads and sales.

Want professional digital marketing guidance? Then we at Parel Creative, the best digital marketing agency in Kerala, can provide result-oriented services that can help you get higher search engine rankings, increased brand awareness, strong digital dominance, and improved sales. For assistance, contact us now!

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