10 Terrible ASO Mistakes You Need To Avoid In 2021

So, you are done building your app and are new to the app store. The first thing to get your app going is to start with the App Store Optimisation or ASO. An ASO strategy is implemented to skyrocket your app to success.

But devising a strategy can be relatively easier than knowing the mistakes you need to avoid. And that’s why we are here to help you out, so next time you can come up with a solid result-oriented ASO strategy for your mobile app. Please do remember to avoid these mistakes, as they could ruin your ASO efforts!

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Now let’s get started!

1. Not Knowing The Importance Of ASO

Most of us are not well aware of the importance of ASO and the impact it can create on the visibility of the mobile app on the app stores. A great ASO strategy can generate more organic downloads and improve its conversion rate to reduce user acquisition costs, and in that way, ASO can have a direct impact on the business as well.

When it comes to ASO, make sure to focus both on discovering it via search and in the explore section too.

2. ASO Is Not The SEO Of Apps

Although the goals of both SEO and ASO are similar, the strategy is totally different. ASO is implemented for the visibility of a mobile app in the app store, while SEO is implemented to achieve the visibility of a website on search engines. Here’s a little infographic to get a clearer idea.

Trying to adopt an SEO strategy on app stores might not work because you need to adhere to the specific conditions or rules set by each one of them. Knowing this difference is also necessary to build a unique strategy that’s effective and powerful.

3. Compromising With The Quality Of The Product

Product quality is an important aspect that should never be compromised if you want to get higher rankings for your app. The apps’ speed of downloads, the user engagement, and even the user’s reviews are taken into account by app stores before ranking your apps. An app with bugs and poor performance would be neglected by not getting featured for the user’s search query. Product quality is also the main component in bringing more organic downloads.

4. Not Knowing Your App Market Niche

Having a good knowledge of your market and your competitors lets you create a strategy that’s more prone to yield results. Doing so will help you to be in line with what users are expecting and how apps are getting positioned. Your market research also holds the secret to making informed decisions while facilitating strategic planning.

5. Not Choosing The Right Keywords

Finding the right keywords is a part of the ASO strategy that helps optimise your app according to the search intent of your target audience, as well as to have better visibility and an increased conversion rate. To get started, define your app with keywords that describe it relevantly. Find keywords related to the search terms your audience would most likely use while searching your app. Keyword analysis tools such as Ubersuggest, Google AdWords, etc., can come in handy to get the right set of keywords helpful in bringing traffic to your app. 

6. Neglecting The Importance Of Visual Assets

In ASO, high-quality visual assets can play a key role in making your app stand out from the rest. It can entice people to download your app, which in turn can lead to higher conversions.

Provide your audience with great professional images, videos, screenshots and icons to convince them to try out your app. Don’t just bother about the look and feel of the visual assets, instead incorporate powerful images that can connect with your audience and make them understand the key USP or benefits of using your app. Here’s an example of how the StarAgent app uses illustrated visuals to communicate its benefits.

7. Having A Single ASO Strategy For Google Play & App Store

Different app stores function differently, and so are their rules and regulations. Therefore, to get the best results with your ASO strategy, you need to plan out different strategies for different app stores. Trying to implement an ASO strategy devised for Google Play Store on Apple’s App Store can do more harm than benefits.

For example, the description field of Apple’s App Store is not ranked while Google Play Store ranks it. Similarly, Google Play Console provides its users to A/B test every element of the app listing through its own platform called ‘Experiments’, while it is not possible with the App Store. Another one is the use of emojis, which is supported by the Google Play Store while the App Store does not allow it. You can now get an idea of why you should never try to implement one platform strategy on another.

8. Seeing ASO As A One-Time Job

With constant evolution in technology, we need constant updations, and it holds true for every aspect. ASO being an optimisation strategy requires to be regularly updated as there is always room for new innovative ideas as well as improvements. It is not a one-time job; rather, you should make the necessary changes to your strategy according to the changing algorithm to get positive results for your efforts.

9. Not Monitoring Competition

Knowing about your competitors and monitoring them can prove to be a wonderful tool to implement and modify your current ASO strategy. There are three categories of competitors you should watch out for. These are your product competitors, ASO competitors and your product and ASO competitors jointly.

Learn how they are working out their strategy and then find new and creative ways of remaining ahead of them.

10. Doing Black Hat ASO

You might be tempted to do black hat ASO but always stay away from it. Getting fake installs, fake reviews and bot installs can sometimes be effective, but in the long run, it can do more harm, especially when Google or Apple catches it.

A little bit of black hat ASO won’t be bad, but too much of it can ruin your entire ASO strategy. And most importantly, people can often recognise fake reviews from the original ones, so there always lies a risk of being labelled as untrustworthy.

Wrapping Things Up!!

So there you have it!! Ten ASO mistakes to avoid in order to have a bulletproof ASO strategy. Avoid these mistakes while creating your ASO strategy, and you will have a much better chance of seeing positive results that include increased downloads and higher ranking.

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