6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Business

Ever since technology has started influencing our lives, we have made it a point to adopt the latest technological innovations in every possible way. And it has always created an impact on how we do things. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation have opened many opportunities for business owners, making it a tech that’s capable of taking businesses to a higher level.

AI or artificial intelligence is a technological innovation that makes machines capable to perceive, reason, learn, and problem solve. In short, a machine doing things that once used to be human-centric. In case you are wondering how artificial intelligence will affect your business in the short and long term, then this article will help you keep up with the news.

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1. Smarter Tech For Informed Decision-Making

Companies are really interested in investing in AI technology, but the harsh truth is that only a few companies have the resources to do so. Even if a small company does make it to the list, the chances of getting results are meagre.

AI being proficient at handling heaps of data lets businesses create more profitable campaigns. With the power of AI, businesses can easily interpret their information, such as budgets, helping them have a better data handling system. It also has automated decision-making ability, which can replace customer service reps, consultants, or in-house strategists.

2. A Streamlined Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is yet another area where AI can contribute a lot in terms of greater agility and accuracy. It does this by automating all the processes that would otherwise be manual. The competency of AI can be seen with the adoption of driverless warehouse carts, inventory-taking drones, program-guided vehicles and anomaly-detection software, thereby making the supply chain less prone to mistakes.

To fully enjoy the benefits of AI in the supply chain, businesses would need to get familiar with Natural Processing Language, Robotic Process Automation, and other deep learning technologies as well.

3. Continued Focus On Smartphones

Smartphones are already getting smarter, and with AI built directly into the hardware will definitely be a show stopper. The right mobile app is all it needs to welcome a myriad of opportunities for businesses of all kinds. Using advanced AI algorithms, companies can know more about their audience’s preferences making way for a personalised user experience that include sending personalised messages, emails, suggestions, etc. Having an AI-enabled mobile app also enhances user engagement and customer retention.

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4. Customer Relations

Engaging with customers is an integral part of any business, and AI has some new and innovative ways of conquering these customer support. With the help of AI-powered software, including Sentiment Analysis Technology, businesses can actually level up their customer support without any human interference. This can prove to be more effective in dealing and responding to concerns, complaints and queries of the customers leading to more happy customers and a better brand image.

Innovations like AI-enabled automated live chat software can help you give more dynamic answers quickly, lessen research time for providing solutions while building trust and engagement. Furthermore, its predictive insights will also help automatically recommend similar items that your customers may be interested in.

5. Recruitment Practices

According to ‘Undercover Recruiter’, AI is predicted to replace 16% of HR jobs within the next decade. With that being said, AI could change the whole recruitment scenario, making finding the perfect candidate easier and quicker. AI is capable of finding the right candidate by assessing the candidate’s online presence and comparing it to the company culture.

Not only that, AI-based video interview platforms can even detect and interpret a candidate’s tone of voice, body language and micro-expressions by utilising biometric and psychometric analysis. This doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, but a thing about technology is that it dramatically reduces the amount of resources we have to use, thereby increasing the no. of companies who implement such technology.

6. Improved Cyber Security

With AI comes improved security wherein businesses can quite easily track and identify behaviours consistent with fraud. AI-enabled software will be able to self-adjust over time according to the changing data.

In 2021, data breaches and cyber-attacks have increased to a level where incorporating AI into your business is essential to protect consumer data, build trust, and deliver true business value. An important aspect that we should always remember is that AI is a technology and can be used by anyone, both the attacker as well as the defender. Therefore, taking steps to avoid such situations is highly recommended for experiencing a trouble-free cyber security system.

Getting Along With Technology!

To conclude, tech is not here to replace humans and their processes; rather, it’s a way of incorporating efficiency and improved workflow. As a result, it empowers the employees to work smarter.

Although the user-friendly aspect remains a little complex to achieve, AI can immensely help in making business work faster and quicker. It has to be implemented along with human resources to create a much better and powerful tool that can help handle repetitive tasks and bolster productivity.

See AI implementation as an opportunity to improve business processes, streamline output, and engage in the better decision-making process. It is all about going with the flow, so you are not stuck in the past; instead is embracing the value-rich technology.

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