Scam Alert!

Dear friends and customers,

We hope this post finds you well. We are writing to bring your attention to a scam that is being run using our brand name and logo. While we are not sure of the details of the operation or the intricacies of the process involved, we have been informed that the scheme involves crypto currencies and mobile wallets. The individuals posing as our brand have developed a website application where you are required to share sensitive information about your personal details, as well as payment related details.

Please know that Parel Creative would never reach out to you to solicit payments or personal information. If you do receive any such requests, please contact us immediately so that we can add to the case we have already filed with the appropriate authorities. 

In order to protect yourself from scams, we encourage you to always verify the authenticity of any request before providing any information or funds. This can be done by checking the sender’s email address, contacting us directly through our official channels, or checking for our verified certifications.

We take the safety and security of our customers very seriously and are doing everything in our power to stop these scams from spreading. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being a valued customer.

Best regards,

Parel Creative.

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