8 Types Of Video Marketing To Increase eCommerce Sales

Visuals being a very impactive medium, has successfully made its space in the marketing world as well. Now, people enjoy watching the product details more than reading about it on the product description page, and this transition is becoming stronger as the day passes. Being the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy, learning more about video marketing can considerably help you to increase your sales. And that is mostly because humans find visual media more interactive, engaging and memorable. In 2021 it’s no longer an option but a necessity.

Research by ‘Wyzowl‘ in 2019 found that 87% of marketing professionals use video as marketing tools because of its increased demand. And in 2021, this trend is still rising, signalling organisations and companies to get started with video marketing. Moreover, YouTube is the second most trafficked website on the web, which pretty much proves the popularity of videos among people.

Scope Of Video Marketing

With video marketing, you have many creative opportunities for promoting your product. It has the potential to inform customers about your products in the most comfortable and pleasing manner. In fact, when they visually see your product, its quality and its benefits, it entices your customers to take positive action.

Here are some of the primary scope of video marketing:

  • Explain the manufacturing process
  • Share customer reviews
  • Compare different products to yours
  • Show the unique features and functionalities of your product
  • Tell people more about your brand mission and values

Types Of Videos

The type of videos you can create about your products depends on you and your team’s level of creativity and imagination. You have the liberty to make different types of videos for multiple products based on your product’s nature. The key to deciding the perfect video type for your product is to understand and learn about your potential customer’s behaviours, needs, likes and dislikes. When you know about their practices, it becomes easy to decide on the video type they would most admire.

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Here is a list of the best promotional video content types that you can use for your products to get that extra boost of sale. So, let’s get started.

#1. Short Videos

These refer to short duration videos that you can use to tell about your product’s unique features, USP, functions, questions, new releases, etc., in a very concise yet interesting way. Being short in duration, it can hook viewers to watch till the end. A concise and authentic video can, in fact, convert your potential customers to buyers.

Another attractive feature of this type of video marketing is the fewer resources you need to create one. You don’t need to have an entire production team or expensive gadgets to create such short videos; rather, a good quality smartphone or a computer is all you need to have.

A script about the content and a plan on how you will promote that video is also a vital thing to get effective results. Ensure your plan has details such as the channel of promotion, time, date, target audience, etc. This is a short video ad produced by ‘Nike’ that perfectly communicates its core values.

#2. Tutorials

Tutorials are mostly ‘How-Tovideos that can be used to explain how a product is used. It can convert your new customers to buyers as these videos act as a mini-guide to use a product, further enhancing your customer’s level of understanding.

Make your tutorial videos aesthetically pleasing to provide a satisfying watching experience. Your tutorials should prove to be a one-stop solution for all their functioning related queries. Here is an example of a tutorial ad by ‘UberEats’.

#3. Animated Videos

If you don’t want to hire people to feature in your video, this option is probably the best one for you. Being interesting and exciting to watch, it has the potential to kindle a spark in your potential customer’s mind.

Often the whole process is digital, for which you can hire animators to get the work done. The result will surely be fun and colourful videos with moving lines and characters that people would love to spend some time on. This is an amazing animation video produced by ‘Airbnb’.

#4. Product Manual

If your product accompanies a product manual, then this video type is an opportunity to convert that boring manual into something creative and exciting. By creating a set-up or installation video, you can better explain your whole manual more effectively, because of which your potential customers won’t be shying away from trying new products.

Incorporating these kinds of videos into your eCommerce website is also great for your search engine optimisation. It can help you rank higher and drive more traffic to your online eCommerce store. Here is an example by ‘IKEA’, who creatively presented how their products are to be used.

#5. Review and Testimonial Videos

Testimonials and reviews can play a huge role in influencing the buying decision of your potential customers. A testimonial video can create a much more significant impact on your customer’s mind than just the textual ones. Being an audio-visual review, these also tend to be more relevant and trustworthy.

When they literally see your other happy customers, they too become convinced in trying those products. While making your testimonial video, try to capture their emotions, tell about the customer’s journey and show specific results to keep it fully authentic. Here’s how ‘Apple’ has done it.

#6. Expert Interviews

Experts are known to have a broad knowledge of a specific subject. So, these interviews can seriously build authority for your eCommerce store. Through expert interviews, you are actually providing your audience with some really valuable information which they would be thankful for receiving.

Here are some tips to incorporate. Make sure your interviews are goal-driven and structured in nature. Ask questions that people find relevant and useful. When the video features a conversation between two people, the only way to hook your audience till the end is to always keep it short, crisp and to the point.

#7. Facebook/Instagram Live

With Facebook and Instagram features, going live is not that a big deal. It’s literally just a click away. Compared to pre-recorded videos, live videos are seen as more trustworthy and attractive. Attractive because when they see you going live, they would potentially have a desire to see what’s happening over there.

Facebook and Instagram live are also more engaging and interactive in nature. You can communicate with your audience in real-time not only that, you can upload this live video to other social media handles as well. Indeed, a great way to get started with video marketing. You just need a social media account. Rest depends on your imaginations.

#8. Story-Based Videos

Who doesn’t love to hear stories? Stories are compelling and intriguing, which is appreciated not only by children but adults equally. You can adopt this very concept to your product promotional video as well by narrating a story around your product.

Describe your products in the wildest way possible and let people get immersed in the story. This is, in fact, a perfect way to make a long-lasting effect on your audience’s mind, along with creating a sense of connection. Here is an example of a story-based video ad by ‘Apple’. Although it is lengthy, it definitely hooks the viewers to the ad.

10 Effective Video Marketing Tips To Increase eCommerce Sales

Ecommerce marketing videos can attract enormous website traffic, but it’s the quality that converts your audience into paying customers. At Parel Creative digital marketing agency in India, we focus on delivering quality video content that can impress your customers and increase your eCommerce sales alike. Learn more about our video marketing services here.

Here are some golden tips that you can consider while creating your video to ensure maximum output. Follow these tips to take your video marketing to the pro level.

1. Identify Your Right Set Of Target Audience

Defining it is crucial because these are the people who would be watching your videos. Before you invest your time and energy, a good amount of market research will help you know your audience’s likes and dislikes to make a video that provides them value. You can either manually ask them or conduct surveys to identify the target audience.

2. Know Your Goals

Knowing your goals means finding answers to questions such as ‘What are you expecting from your video promotions?‘ or ‘what kind of positive actions do you want from your audience?‘.  Identifying these core objectives acts as a guide based on which you have to create the video. For example, if your goal is to get more new users for your product, then you might want to make a testimonial video or expert interviews that compel new customers to try your product.

3. Set A Budget

Extreme creative juices can land you on a heavy budget. Therefore, it’s really necessary to plan out your budget based on your potential ROI. A reasonable margin should be set for your video marketing efforts to avoid spending all your money on one aspect.

4. Invest In High-Quality

This is a crucial tip that can have a considerable impact on your marketing efforts. Go for high-quality video if you want to attract and retain customers along with improving your sales. Out of all factors that come into marketing, try to invest a significant portion of your budget in creating a high-quality video. People lose interest in low-quality videos quickly because they seem to be less trustworthy and authentic.

5. Keep It Short

Shorter is always better. Your primary objective in creating that video is to make your audience understand your product. Too much unwanted content leads to a longer video duration, which can then have negative effects such as getting distracted from the main point, losing interest or skipping the video.

6. Create A Script

A script is, in fact, a guide on how to shoot that video from start to end. Having a script ensures that you have a hassle-free experience while creating the video. In a script, you can plan out the whole video in advance, which helps you to save money and resources. It is also beneficial in keeping track of the video you are creating.

7. Include A Call-To-Action

Merely enjoying the video is not the ultimate goal of any marketing video instead, influencing your customers to take action through that video is the core purpose. Therefore, include a call-to-action somewhere in your video that persuades your potential customers to buy that product. Tell them what the next step should be: ask them to visit your website, purchase the product, give a call, leave feedback and so on.

8. Use The Right Equipment

Although it depends on your budget, investing in the right equipment can help you gain extra ROI. A good smartphone camera is enough to shoot your video, but a professional tool such as a DSLR camera can make a significant difference in the quality of the video. Reducing background noise, adding filters, effective lighting, unblurred zooming, etc., are some of the quality judging factors of the video which can be achieved with the right tools.

9.Edit And Add Music

Music is like the soul of the video. Therefore we suggest you to add some wonderful music that matches the content of your video. This comes in the editing stage, so you can add in a lot more other features such as ambient music, dialogues, subtitles, captions, remove awkward scenes, etc., to make it as crisp as possible. If editing is not your cup of tea, then you can contact a video editor to get some professional assistance.

10. Share Across Platforms

You have to share across multiple platforms to get a broad reach for your video. Share it on all your social media accounts, with email campaigns, on websites and every other possible place. Another major reason why you should share it on multiple platforms is that not all your target audience is present on a single platform; some may be on Facebook while others may be more active on YouTube. Hence, it becomes essential to do so.

Congratulations, you made it through!

So, there you have everything you should know about starting video marketing. Through video marketing, you can increase ROI, brand awareness, present the company’s core values, educate your audience, inform them and engage with them. With such comprehensive features, video marketing will undoubtedly lead the marketing world in the near future.

Remember that it’s not necessary to choose one video type; instead, you can go for a combination of two or more varieties to creatively present your ideas. For example, you can create a tutorial video using animation or create a short video on the product manual; the choice depends on your creativity.

If you want any further assistance, feel free to contact us! We would be happy to help you.

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