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‘Kotlin’ is the new brilliant programming language of Google that marked the dawn of a brand-new era of Android app development. This efficient open-source language for Android, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and native development, perfectly fits in server-side web application development due to the extensive perks it offers. Despite being new on the market, here are more reasons why you should choose Kotlin programming language for your next Mobile app development project.

Why Kotlin?

Explore The Advantages Of Development-Friendly Kotlin Language.


Safe & Simple

This language is designed in a way that requires more concise coding when compared to Java. Shorter coding implies fewer bugs, as well. Above all, Kotlin’s compiler can verify the program’s accuracy to its best, leading to less/ no probability of run time crashes.

Better Performance

Although Kotlin is a comparatively new language, it addresses several Java backdrops, thereby helping mobile app developers in making their final products much more efficient. By bringing several new benefits to the Android platform without introducing any constraints on the current features, Kotlin helps businesses attain a greater level of ROI on their applications.


One of the primary causes for the popularity of Kotlin language is its co-existing capability with Java. The language has an in-built tool that can transform an existing code in Java with merely a click, making it quite easy to manage the codes of any ongoing project.

Official Language

Kotlin is the officially accepted language for Android app development by Google. A few years back, the search engine giant had announced that it would support Kotlin as a first-class language on Android.

Kotlin Vs. Java

Being an experienced app development company, we prefer to use Kotlin for android app development rather than Java, as:1. Kotlin holds inbuilt null safety, while Java doesn’t. This feature frees app developers from writing any extra codes to solve the issues.2. Kotlin lacks Java’s checked exception functionality, which unnecessarily creates empty catch blocks.3. The codes written with Kotlin can flawlessly work with Java code as well, making it possible for both the languages to operate simultaneously in a project.

We Excel At..

Dedicated to delivering the finest experiences through mobile and web applications, our team always stays updated on recent application development trends. So, if you are a start-up, individual client, or an established business, our Kotlin app development team could deliver functional applications as per your requirements.

The array of our Kotlin development services include:


Kotlin App Development

As an experienced Kotlin application development company, we have sufficient resources and expertise to build robust applications with high-end features and functionality.

Kotlin App Optimization

Facing issues with the smooth running of your Kotlin application? Our team of app optimizers could analyze your application’s current codes and restructure it effectively to eliminate any possible errors.

Kotlin App Testing

We maintain a specialized team to perform thorough routine checks of your Kotlin app and optimize it whenever required. This will help you to make sure that your app is entirely error-free even after its launch.

Kotlin App Maintenance

Wish to make any changes to your existing Kotlin app? Then look no further – we have an expert app maintenance team capable of creating and delivering customized mobile applications as per client requirements.

Kotlin App Migration

With a developing panel who are well experienced in different app development platforms and frameworks, we can assure a seamless migration of your Android app built in any technology to Kotlin.If you have any of the requirements mentioned above, just go ahead and share your ideas with us. We are always ready to serve you with scalable and interactive solutions.
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They Already Take Advantage Of It!

So, Why Can’t You Give It A Go?

Several major companies, like Pinterest, Coursera, Netflix, Uber, and Amazon, are utilizing the power of Kotlin programming language. Do you wish to keep pace with them? Then, hire Parel Creative’s Kotlin app developers now!

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