Al ashram

Integrating Legacy Of Five Decades With Branding Efforts

Al-Ashram Contracting, a construction company in UAE with more than 45 years in the industry, is known for the numerous residential and commercial buildings they have developed with the overall mission to support thriving communities. The glorious success and exponential growth they have encountered over the years have eventually led them to build a brand-new website to market their brand better and showcase their achievements, while still communicating their brand history.


Working in association with the Al-Ashram team, we were asked to deliver a website with a modern responsive framework, along with a feature that could enable them to update new works they do, to the website internally. Moreover, their website has to be mobile-friendly, so as to aid in translating their overall brand and company mission to a broader set of audience.


As Al-Ashram is a brand that is committed to delivering incredible experiences across the world, our team created a website that translated this commitment online through a modern, professional, and accessible website. With brilliant imageries, a beautiful “About” page, easy navigation of their projects, and the features that simplified internal updations of the new works, Al-Ashram’s website has been able to succeed significantly in growing brand awareness and customer conversions. We’ve also taken efforts to create it with a mobile-first approach and helped launch the brand into the mobile digital era as they wished.

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