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PPC Marketing Services to Drive More Leads & Sales

Want to get potential customers to your website? PPC campaigns are the quickest way.

We, Parel Creative, leading PPC agency, can deliver PPC marketing services through all possible digital platforms that can bring more customers and sales to your website.

PPC Marketing Services

Real-Time PPC Advertising Services

To Drive Better Business Results

When we search about any products in Google, we can see pop up ads relating to your searched products/services, touching it will redirect you to a website, with the searched product/services. That is what PPC ads do. For each click is paid by the company.

Creating and managing PPC campaigns is a time consuming and skill required process. To reach the audience through keywords, attract them, the ads must be appealing and optimized. And the best suitable means of campaigns must be implemented upon your business objectives.


Our Strategy

To Efficient PPC Advertising

To ensure the highest return of your investment, we follow a step by step strategy on PPC implementation.
(1) Research – we research about your business, competitors, and targeted audience
(2) Keyword finding- from the research, we find the most used keywords in search engines for your services
(3) The target audience locations, active timings, psychological characteristics are noted
(4) From this their most-used platforms, when and where to display the PPC ads is decided
(5) Publishing PPC ads
(6) Monitoring the performance
(7) Giving reports to clients
(8) Periodic auditing to ensure the strategy is working, imply needed changes to make it better

Efficient PPC Advertising
Effective PPC Marketing Services Through all Platforms

Google Ads

Google owns 87.35% of market share among search engines.
Google is the king of search engines with its gigantic market share, and so the best platform to run your PPC campaign is through Google. We are prepared to launch relevant campaigns through different forms of google ads that are.

optimize client campaigns

Search Network Campaign

Our expert team of Google Adwords certified professionals run campaigns that can effectively convert a user to a customer. We identify the right keywords that can bring maximum traffic at the lowest bid. We launch campaigns using those keywords, check it, find new keywords, and continue the drives, including that. We ensure that our ad copy matches the user's search, and the launching page has the potential to fulfill the user's needs.

Display Network Campaign

Display Network Campaign

We can help you to find the right audience and attract them to your service using Google display ads. Display ads can attract more people and generate brand identity and increase the chances of buying. It is the best way to market visually appealing products as we can grab customers from the very first sight.

Shopping ads Campaign

Shopping Campaign

We can play with the hidden tricks of Google shopping campaigns to bring you direct sales and make you stand apart from the competitor's ads. When every company is using shopping campaigns, there must be something special in your ad to beat all of them, and we know how to inject that special and exclaim with direct sales.

Video Campaign

Video Campaign

With our demographic targeting and visually appealing and engaging video, we make you reach more audience and increase the conversion rate to be a user. Implying video ads is not easy if you are not approaching an experienced PPC company. We are working on the strong platform of our ten-year experience. We can bring you only relevant traffic and exclude negative traffic that can take the most potential customers to your ad and drive more customers.

App Campaign

App Campaign

Generate more installs to your app with the help of our PPC experts. The app campaign can be done as a search network or display network campaign. We create highly targeted app install campaigns that will reach the right audience and generate more users. As we are also an app development company, we know all possibilities to redirect viewers to your apps.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Although Google is the leader, Bing also accounts for a substantial share of the global search engine market.

So, along with Google, we also generate, bid, and handle Bing ads to bring customers using Bing. Most of the companies didn’t give much importance to Bing as they only focused on Google. But that is not a perfect way as you need maximum customers.

You may think that why do PPC campaigns through Bing as it has a small search market share”? But Bing has its potential.

Bing, owned by Microsoft has three search engines
– Bing
– Yahoo

When we look at the users of Bing, you can see older, married individuals having high income are using Bing. So if you are targeting such a group of audiences, for more account-based marketing, you can’t miss Bing.



Increase Leads Even More with Retargeted Ads

If one viewer visits your website or buys your product/services, we can make him your usual customer using our remarketing strategies. With remarketing, we increase brand awareness by continuously appearing in front of the customer.
The strategy was simple but needed a detailed follow-up. Once a man visits your website, we have his details and his interests. We make it more targeted and focused by showing him the ads relating to the products he looks upon your website. It increases the conversion rate, improves clicks, and brings you more sales.

We can inform them about your special sales, events, exclusive offers, the reductions for the product they rejected through PPC ads. The most valuable part of remarketing was the chance for sales is more!

Retargeted Ads
PPC Through Social Media

PPC Through Social Media

To Maximize Your Visibility On Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms open up a wide range of opportunities for your business promotions. We are experienced in carrying out effective PPCs through Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, .etc. To know more about our social media campaign services, visit the social media campaign page link.

What Effective PPC Campaigns Can Get You?

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Increases lead generation rate
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Targeted advertising
  • You only pay for the clicks
  • Instant responses
  • Targeted website traffic
  • Cost-effective and accountable

As a leading PPC management company with professionally skilled experts, we are able to create and manage PPC campaigns for your company in the most effective manner. To know more about our strategies and pay-per-click management pricing, contact us.

Content Marketing company

Our PPC Campaign Services Apart

At Parel Creative, all we do emanates from the perspective of a business owner, and we handle your marketing process like our own. We can assure you that:

  • We won’t handcuff you for long-term.
  • We provide you with an expert digital marketing team with over a decade of experience.
  • We provide regular reports on your Social Media performance.
  • Our experts develop and implement a custom PPC strategy for your company.
  • We track up your web lead phone calls if needed.
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