Quick Social Media Hacks That Will Make Your Business Grow Faster In 2019!

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you surely would have an account on any social media platforms may it be Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube? Having just an account on social media platforms is not enough if you are not capable to extract sales from your target audience through these platforms. Even if your followers might have liked or followed your brand to stay current with your update, they just wouldn’t be in the mindset to press the ‘buy’ button. Social networks, therefore, are essentially a means of brand exposure and a top of the funnel contender.

Respond To Comments

Majority of the social media algorithm values a comment more than they value likes, even if it is for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. The reason behind it is that it is harder to do for people when compared to likes, therefore when they comment it shows social sites that your content is good. So when someone leaves a comment make sure you respond not only with an answer but also ask them a question in response. It’s a great way to not only get more comments but keep the momentum going so that your posts are much likely to go viral on social media sites.

Don’t Just Promote Your Business

We understand that your prominent concern is to promote your business online and get relevant traffic to your website. That doesn’t mean that you promote your products all the time and nag your visitors with it. So if you keep doing that and you’re not being social (the purpose of social media is to be social) you’ll find that your reach is going to decrease and hence no one is going to see your content nor like or engage with it. So every once in a while at least for twice a week, share something not entirely promoting your business; like a quote, picture or story.

Generate More Videos

Social Media platforms love video content, so if you create more video posts you’re giving them more potential views instead of television networks. That’s why companies like Netflix and Hotstar, they are pushing on paid content, every social media network including Facebook, Instagram or YouTube would love to have that video content. Therefore consider creating more video contents because when you do you are going to get more engagement and even in your videos you can promote your business in a more appealing manner. Over the years landscape with millions of small businesses leveraging social media has got even more fierce. It stands as one of the top marketing tactics among start-ups. If you’re still having trouble with managing your social media account or if you face any other digital marketing difficulties, go ahead and reach out to us; our social media marketing experts can work with your brand for a prosperous future.

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