SEO In 2019! What Works And What Does Not Work For Your Company

As time goes on SEO is getting harder and harder for businesses, as Google tends to make several changes in their search engine algorithms. So is there a reason why we should still prioritize SEO anymore in 2019? Of course, we should because the majority of customers out there click on organic listings than paid listings. Currently, Google has made themselves the biggest giant in the Search Engine industry because of their top-notch searching results. Search engine optimization means analyzing your content so it shows up more often in search engine results and with so many changes to navigate, it’s easy for your business to miss something. Therefore if you get the optimization right, you can obtain the benefits of increased traffic, which leads to more conversions, improves lead generation, and boosts sales.

Blogging Drives a Ton of Traffic

As we all know that Google loves content, Aka ‘Content is King’. So what is the major issue with blogging you might ask, there are almost a million blog sites and articles on the web right now! So if you plan to go out there and right tons of blog post similar to what your competitors rank for, it solely won’t work. Retargeting the same search results over and over again won’t produce results in 2019. What you need to do is begin a fresh and unique trend by writing about diverse relevant topics that people haven’t quite come across. So it’s better to write on what you know the best and the topics that are not common out there, in simple words your blogs must stand out of the crowd in order to get more likes and shares.

Build Up a Brand Image

There is a lot of sites out there creating fake news and irrelevant contents which is a huge no-no for Google. The algorithms are always on the lookout for brand signals, the reason you’ll want to build your brand name is that it will increase trust. Google knows that if people are looking for a particular brand on search engine, it is because they trust you and look forward to getting more from you. Therefore when Google algorithms identify that your brand name comes up in most of the searches they know that you are less likely to post fake articles and irrelevant content. So if you have to build up a brand, you’ll have to do things that are offline also. Even though it seems kind of hard to do but it will definitely help your SEO as well as building up your brand. Therefore working on your brand both online and offline as well, you’re brand will get bigger and bigger and you’ll find it much easier to rank your business on Google.

Make Sure Your Website Loads Fast

Most of us already know that Google has a mobile-only search engine as well as one for your desktop and laptop devices. Speed is more important than ever, just because your clients have faster internet or wifi doesn’t mean that your website loads faster. Google’s page speed insights can help you with this, it shows the time taken to load your website as well as the changes required to make your site quicker. Therefore analyze what makes your site slower and make the significant changes because if visitors are not able to get your website in time, they’ll naturally move on to the next website. There are also many other factors which can even affect the SEO trend of 2019, which we will discuss in our upcoming blogs. SEO doesn’t have to be complicated as it seems to be. You can start this year by boosting your skills to try out new ideas and if you are still confused, get in touch with digital marketing experts who can guide your business in the right direction.

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