Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Need To Avoid In 2019

Social media marketing is something that every company is doing right now, be it to improve sales or provide an online presence for their brand; Social Media is the place to begin. Going viral on social media is not as simple as you think it might be; generate a few posts, get some like, simple is it? Well, you might get a few like on your Social media posts, but that is not the only thing that matters in social media management. Every business out there would love to jump on the bandwagon of making their brand presence felt on social networks, so it’s tough and if you’re not accurately aware your wagon would probably go off the rails. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg So why do even professional companies want to get their companies on Social media? The simple reason would be– that’s where the crowd is. If you are among the few that think, We don’t need Social media, that’s not right for our business. Well, we hate to break it down to you, but it doesn’t work because you’re not doing it right or you are not there yet. Most companies do not incorporate social media successfully into their marketing efforts. In fact, they are following the trend of others and quickly become discouraged by the lack of positive results. However, before getting downhearted by your initial attempts try changing your method and take on a positive approach. So leave out what happened in previous years and look forward to the new year with a new beginning and right attitude for social media marketing. Let us kick off our article by pointing some of the few common mistakes that will keep you from realizing your full social media potential and how to prevent them in future.

1. Posting Content Too Often

There is a common misconception that, if you post several times a day the more people will see you and the more followers you get, but the truth is that for most social media platforms; if you post too much on a daily basis you are not going to do well. Why so you may ask, It’s simple, you only have a few amounts of people following your brand(how do we know? because you wouldn’t have clicked on this blog in the first place if you’ve got a million followers). Therefore if you keep on posting too much information about your brand daily, you are going to wear out your followers. If you clutter their social media feeds with your posts, they are going to ignore your content and eventually unfollow you. So how many posts should you generate on a single day? Digital marketing experts such as Neil Patel says that it’s better to post not more than one post a day rather than force your audience with hundreds of your posts. Most of have the thought that if you create several posts can get you a better reach but social media experts say otherwise.

2. Posting Mediocre Content

Now that you know how many times to post a day, therefore when you post a single content a day make sure your content is exceptional as well as relevant to them. If your posts do not come up to the expectation of your audience, they are surely not going to comment or like any of your posts. So why would nobody care to engage with any of those posts? Unmistakably, because your contents are too monotonous for them! When it comes to posting on social media platforms, creativity and relevance is what matters the most, think of it this way; are you willing to share any of your posts with your friends? Would you share it in your group or are you sure it might go viral? If not why would your audience bother to share it on their feed, if it’s not worthwhile or engaging? Therefore if you really want to create content that is engaging and creative; check out what your competitors are up to, websites such as Buzzsumo helps you find the trending content for the keyword you seek.

3. Not Including Videos

Not including videos is one of the most common social media mistakes that people tend to make, what many of us fail to understand is that video is the future of digital marketing. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are thriving to get your attention; more so than live TV. Social media platforms want you to spend more time on YouTube or Facebook, rather than watching HBO, Star Sports or any other Tv channels. So that’s why social media sites want you to upload more videos and keep users engaged on social media. Studies have shown that video contents get up to 2-3 times more engagement than just random posts or content. Nowadays people prefer to view how to get things done rather than read it step by step. Why? because it’s quicker and simplistic than having to read page by page when you can see it in a quick video clip right in your phone.

4. Not Promoting Your Posts

The way most social media algorithm works is in such a way that whatever does remarkably well in the first hour has a better chance of going viral! It’s like the opposite of SEO, With SEO being a long term game, you release content or a website and you never rank for several months. You would be lucky if that content or website finally ranks on search engines after 30 days or 6 months and in many cases, it may take over a year. With the social media platforms, it’s all about the first few hours, so push your content to the maximum such that more number of people may see it when you post it. If you have an email list (email id’s of your regular customer) send them the post or promote your content for an amount on social media. Therefore always keep in mind to promote your posts in the first hour itself, you get more views from a single post rather than tiring your clients with infrequent posts.


Social Media is a critical element in the digital marketing landscape. So if your social media marketing strategies are up to the point, there’s a good chance your brand is going to survive in the digital era. If you are making one of the above mentioned social media marketing mistakes, don’t worry, you can surely turn it around for 2019. If you’re still having trouble with managing your social media account or if you face any other digital marketing difficulties, go ahead and reach out to us; our social media marketing experts can work with your brand for a prosperous future.

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