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Social Media Marketing Agency

With Professional Social Media Marketing Services

Advertise, optimize, increase your sales through Social media platforms. Social media has exceeded every country’s population with its user count and turned in to the most populated platform in the world!

Social media provides a large platform for marketers to advertise their products/services, find more customers, and increase sales. We, Parel Creative, with ten years of experience in social media marketing, can deploy compelling SMM marketing strategies for your company that will boost your brand identity and increase sales.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Multiple platforms
  • Huge crowd
  • More engaging audience
  • Suits for international and local business
  • Increase your brand identity
  • Drive more traffic to your website/app/shop
  • Make audiences your fans and build a trustful relation with them

We Excel At…

Facebook Ads Marketing

Facebook Ads Marketing

1/3 of the world population is on Facebook! Reach to maximum people and increase your sales through Facebook ad marketing.
We Parel Creative, the expert Facebook ads marketing company, helps you grow your business through Facebook – spreading brand awareness, increasing customers with an increased ROI, and sales.

Instagram Ad Marketing

Instagram Ad Marketing

1/3 of Instagram users use Instagram to purchase products online! Drive a high volume of sales through the second most Social media platform in the world.
We, Parel Creative, a professional SMM company, can create innovative and attractive Instagram Ads for your company and market it to bring more customers and sales.

optimize client campaigns

Linkedin Ads Marketing

Reach out of the maximum audience and boost your brand identity using effective Linkedin ads marketing.
We create personalized ads for your targeted audience. The creative ads (text ads, dynamic ads,) with PPC ( pay per click) and CPM (Cost per Impression) techniques and post on Linkedin, ensuring it reaches maximum people. We also do direct messaging ad marketing by identifying target customers. The combined efforts bring more customers and website visitors, boosting your brand identity, and increasing sales.

Video Campaign

Youtube Ads Marketing

Market through the largest video viewing platform in the world. To know more, read – youtube advertising campaigns.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

We always ensure your website is structured enough for Google to crawl it.

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