The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing And Mobile App Development

Maybe a few years back, Artificial Intelligence would be something straight out of a science fiction movie. Something that might take place in the distant future or even an unknown planet, but all that has changed! Today, Artificial Intelligence is a part of the mainstream, with its innovations spread across every modern invention. From handheld devices to talking robots, AI is swiftly becoming one of the most prevalent topics in both digital marketing service sector and science, making it a million dollar investment for leading tech companies.

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence

The fact that we’ve got AI just in the palm of our hands with virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa as well as the recent news of humanoid robot Sophia made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. All these explain how we’ve accepted AI into our lives and that our future depends upon them. Beginning from the chatbots to predictive analytics, the intention of having a personal assistant to help tackle daily tasks is what makes Artificial intelligence all the more useful. It helps execute work easier and manageable, therefore, attracting not only professionals but also commoners.Resulting in an unusual change in the way that inventors and consumers consider modeling algorithms and creative communications with applications. This widespread dependency on Artificial intelligence expands far beyond digital assistants. Nowadays, mobile applications are using AI to advance user satisfaction. The principal benefit of Artificial Intelligence in mobile application development and digital marketing is their potential to perform and complete tedious jobs. Taking advantage of the current scenario, mobile app developers are enhancing customer experience and are exploring more ways to boost users mobile app experience. Here are a few reasons why Artificial Intelligence is essential in the field of Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing.

1. Personalized User Experience

Mobile phones apps are incredibly congenial with the integration of AI technology, therefore the augmentation of AI in the mobile app has enabled to create a better user experience. Smartphones itself contain a lot of user information. They can detect a user’s location or data and provide a personalized solution for the user query. This gives a better advantage for mobile apps as they offer more personalization that helps the brand to boost sales which result in app recognition, customer engagement and increase in ROI.

2. Machine learning Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence equipped learning refers to the procedure associated with administering the extensive data from the user and then comprehending the actionable insights. Such as Facebook’s News Feed that uses AI integrated machine learning to personalize a user’s feed. The machine learning algorithm learns from the frequent interaction of a user, and start to provide the user similar or related feeds in digital marketing. Machine learning being one of the best Artificial intelligence technique provides an economical, practical and quick solution for digital marketers and app developers.

3. Fewer Errors and Better Accuracy

Integrating Artificial Intelligence is one of the genuine things to generate the result with the utmost accuracy and completion. AI machines are particularly necessary for a sector where there is no room for mistakes, therefore apps that integrate AI are more reliable and thus have a better dependency in fields that require a high level of exactness. The growth of AI is already driving a whole new range of mobile app development and digital marketing possibilities. In simple words, with artificial intelligence app, it will be apparent to analyze the users’ trend. With the new availability and advancements of AI, there is potential to reach a new level of sophistication in the marketing field. This growth in artificial intelligence is empowering new possibilities in mobile app development as well as digital marketing sectors. Thus we can be sure that artificial intelligence applications will be the doorstep for app startups for the next evolution in the professional market.


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