8 Best SEO Strategies To Make Visitors Stay Longer On Your Website

So you have got a dazzling website in place. You have taken a lot of SEO efforts, got ranked, and traffic is pouring in. Now what?  Have you checked if the website visitors are sticking around to read and understand what you intended to say through your content? If your answer is “NO”, then let’s tell you, there’s really no point in boosting your web traffic if the visitors coming to it are leaving right away, without any plan to return.

Not only does this spoil your capacity to convert your leads into customers, but it can badly affect your SEO efforts as well. Luckily, there are loads of strategies that you can use to keep all the visitors to your website from leaving. We are talking here about a few of them.

#1. Website Load Time

This is one of the main reasons why people leave a website within seconds. A website that takes too long to get loaded will never be able to persuade people to stay on it.

A study by Google back in 2012 found that most smartphone users were only willing to wait for 5 seconds before heading over to another website. This is 2021, and the people might not even wait for 1 second for a website to get loaded!

Not only that, search engines such as Google also determine the ranks of the websites based on the site loading time. Therefore, a faster website has more chances of ranking higher.

#2. Great User Experience

A well-designed website has easy to read fonts, high-quality images and other multimedia, easy navigation, and relevant content. This will make customers stay on your website to explore more and more.

For crafting better user experiences, you can make use of the user experience honeycomb by Peter Morville (designer and information architect). It suggests finding a sweet spot between the various facets of a good user experience such as usability, accessibility, credibility, etc. Meaning to create a valuable UX, one has to make the information useful, desirable, accessible, credible, findable and usable. Here’s the honeycomb diagram to get a better understanding of the above-mentioned concept.

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#3. Personalization

Personalization consists of tailoring your website content according to your target audiences’ likes and dislikes, allowing them to have a pleasant customer experience. The customization should be done with whatever you put on your websites, such as the content, images, videos, links, and more.

You need to know your customers before you start your website personalization. Personalizing the whole experience based on their inclinations can indeed lead your customers to spend more time on your website.

#4. Easy Site Navigation

If your customer can navigate easily through your site, then the chances of exiting are significantly less.

Easy site navigation means your website should have a clear structure, menu section, hierarchical website navigation, and easy availability of important information such as contact details. Keep in mind that your website should allow your visitors to land on any web page within three clicks.

Not only on the computers but make it navigation-friendly and responsive on the mobile screens as well to score high in this game.

#5. Content

The website content is a significant factor capable of creating an impact on your visitors. When a visitor visits your website, he/she has come there for getting information, and when your website is able to provide relevant content instantly, it becomes a reason for him/her to spend more time on it.

Your website content should be scannable, relevant, creative and updated. Your customers should get the required information easily and quickly. Try to make your content as interesting as possible; else, they might lose their attention. For that, you can use titles, subtitles, images, appropriate fonts, long-form content, interlinking content and other similar things.

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#6. Use A Related Post Plugin

Want to show more related content to your readers? Then using a post plugin will allow you to display multiple contents at a single time. These plugins are designed to put up more popular and relevant content to make it easier for your visitors to navigate and find them easily. WordPress has many such plugins, one of the most powerful being ‘Contextual Related Posts‘- a free plugin to use.

Post plugins make your website flexible. Apart from that, when your website shows relevant content to your visitors, people will love to stay on your website. Also, they would be happy to explore your site more when they are continuously finding appropriate content that makes sense to them.

#7. Use Charts And Graphs

When they enter your website, providing them with a big chunk of the textual matter won’t convince them to stay on your website no matter how rich and informative your content is. No one has the time to read such large pieces of content. Here’s where you can creatively use the charts and graphs.

Charts and graphs, a part of data visualization, can explain your points more clearly and efficiently. These are also a great way to condense extensive data into small and digestible ones. To make it enjoyable and captivating, get fancy with it! Try adding colours, visual elements and exciting designs. You can use professional tools such as ‘Adobe Photoshop’ and ‘Canva’ to design it yourself.

There are different types of charts and graphs available to use. Make sure you use the best one that communicates your point effectively to your target audience.

#8. Exceptional Customer Support

Making your customers feel heard and valued is something that every website should do. Instant customer support from your website will make people stay on your website as they are getting constant help and interactions from your side, letting them have a hassle-free experience.

You can deploy exceptional customer support by providing chatbots, contact details, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), customer feedback form, live chat, online customer forum and so on.

Remember that not every visitor of your website is alike; so making them comfortable to use your website is essential if you want them to stay on your website.


So, that’s all for now.

We hope this article gives you some insights on how to keep your visitors longer on your site. With a bit of due diligence and these practices, you can definitely engage those leaving visitors and turn them into your loyal customers. You may also want to see our recent article on How To Do The SEO Of Your Website.

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