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Business at Ishka Farms is all about development and sustainability. Ishka Farms is the first organised commercial farm in India to grow Capers. Their endeavour was to build a business that provides preserved organic spices and remains environmentally sensitive in all aspects of its working with a mantra of conserving groundwater. With assistance from professionals in soil management and irrigation, they have been able to set up a world-class farm and have become one of the best herb suppliers in the Nation.


Being one of the largest source of organic Capers and Moringa in the nation, we were very excited to work together with Ishka Farms on bringing their brand name to thousands of people around the globe. They had a simple goal of delivering world class products from a simple village in South India, hence create a digital presence in order to do so and improve their online sales. Nevertheless, the site had to be user friendly as well as mobile friendly.


Ishka Farms website was also a platform for online sales of their produce, thus our aim was to create a site that visitors would enjoy browsing and would not get lost in. By connecting our design and development expertise with professional SEO techniques, we’ve significantly increased the amount of high quality traffic to their website with over 10 keywords that has acquired high ranking in google. We created a website such that it had a story to tell. Stories on Organic farming and the benefits of organic products. Turning the Visitors into Customers.

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