Role of Technology in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic

Technology has played a significant role in the era of COVID-19 and has helped humans a lot in effectively dealing with the crisis. It has impacted our personal and professional lives in numerous ways, and adopting technology has proved to be a lifesaver. It also has assisted in managing the epidemic in a timely, systematic, and calm manner, ensuring minimum human interaction while monitoring individuals’ health.

So here, we have compiled a list of things that show how technology impacted our lives during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s get started!

1. Online Learning

With lockdown forcing schools and educational institutions to shut down, technology has really paved a new way of approaching education. With the concept of distance learning, investing in quality education is now achievable. Thanks to the latest technological advancements that helped many people to initiate learning through mobile applications and online systems. Various courses being made available online ensure that education is not disrupted in these tuff times. Using augmented reality, 3D printing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, achieving the dream of uninterrupted education has become a reality.

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2. Streaming Entertainment

With COVID-19, there came the new trend of consuming content wherein the online media have changed how people consume content. Streaming live shows and concerts, watching YouTube videos, spending time on entertainment mobile applications, etc., has jumped into the limelight. The shift has also impacted how movies are released. With Over The Top (OTT) platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5 and Voot Select gaining momentum, more and more people now prefer watching them through such platforms than going over to the theatre. The online medium has also gained popularity due to the availability of diverse content, ease of viewing and the flexibility to choose, which would be absent in other traditional media.

Gaming is another sector that has seen substantial growth in its user base, with people using it as a tool to cope with COVID-19 stress.

3. Contact Tracing Systems

Another major transformation was the use of technology such as the mobile app ‘Aarogya Setu’ or global positioning system (GPS) helping immensely in containing and tracking the COVID spread. Experts believe that a powerful app with contact tracing features could make a massive difference in stopping the virus spread instead of waiting for the test results.

Facial recognition is yet another technology that helped officials to rapidly identify people and thereby monitor their movements. CCTV cameras also benefited in handling this situation by incorporating the facial recognition feature to recognise people without masks.

4. Contactless Deliveries

With COVID-19 came the fear of going out, and more and more people prefer to shop online, even if it’s grocery. Because of such a scenario, the COVID era has seen a tremendous surge in online apps that make it easy for people to buy their things from the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, providing many provisions such as reduced delivery fee, delivery time slot booking, etc., have also led to its increased popularity, attracting customers irrespective of the geographical limitations.

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5. Innovations In Robotics

Robotics is another area where the crisis has forced to speed up robotics research as well as implement more usage of robots in order to minimise human interactions. Now efforts have been made to use robots such as drones to clean infected areas, deliver food to quarantined individuals, track population, transport test kits, spray disinfectants, and deliver medicines to COVID patients.

6. Dissemination of Information

Various companies such as Google, YouTube and Facebook have played a considerable role in ensuring that accurate and verified information reaches people while also making information accessible to everyone. Their steps in educating the people about the situation and the safety measures people need to take have been a great success in combating false information around the situation, treatments and government measures. This, in turn, helped reduce the panic, anxiety and widespread chaos that people could have faced due to incorrect information.

7. Fitness & Health Apps

With the need to stay indoors comes the stress of remaining fit. But thanks to fitness apps that have made staying healthy possible within the four walls of your home. Also, live workout sessions on mobile apps and other online media are inspiring many people to get involved in fitness to give a boost and positivity to life along with helping to cope with COVID stress.

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8. Clinical Management

It can be rightly said that it is because of technology that we were able to deal with the COVID pandemic. Technological advancements in the health care sector profoundly influenced how we faced this crisis. With rapid diagnosis and risk prediction, we were able to speed up the diagnostic process by quickly detecting COVID-19 cases.

With video conferences and virtual care platforms, delivering remote health care came into existence, which helped increase healthcare access during the pandemic. Using infrared and wireless thermometers, temperature monitoring took a new turn by being able to measure the body temperature of individuals from a distance.

9. Work From Home (WFH)

Work from home was something that contributed immensely in continuing the business. With the support of technology such as the internet, data privacy security, virtual meetings, cloud conferencing, etc., work from home situations were, in fact, dealt with ease.

Now many people have started to enjoy the comforts of working from home, bridging the gap of insecurities such as the fear of getting infected with COVID. Remote working was also a significant measure to maintain and follow social distancing protocols.

Let’s Conclude!

So that’s it for now! We can now understand how technology has played a massive role in establishing peace during these uncertain times. With the use of different innovative technology, we were successfully able to ride through the hard terrain without much difficulty while providing all the necessary support to our fellow humans.

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