The Impact Of Covid-19 On Mobile App Development

The onset of the novel COVID-19 brought the world’s economy to a near gridlock, and various businesses such as healthcare and eCommerce have significantly been affected. However, this negative impact has caused businesses worldwide to try a different route, perhaps even a better one. This includes utilising various technology with sectors such as the mobile app industry, online entertainment, online gaming, and e-payment services, given opportunities to create a difference.

Amidst all the hardships that are being faced by employers and employees alike, it can be noted that many companies are now coming forward to try mobile app innovations. This reinforces the app development industry to thrive even more, making the cost to make an app higher. This change is primarily to facilitate easier management of daily activities – both personal and work-related – that have been affected by the pandemic.

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Now let’s get back into the article. Here are some ways in which COVID-19 has changed the way mobile apps are built and used:

1. The Number Of Mobile App Installations Has Increased

With the whole world forced to confine itself indoors, people have started finding new ways to make life interesting. Various innovative Android and iOS applications are now being developed to help people with their everyday lives while also enabling app developers to earn money during these uncertain times. Things like making payments, shopping, buying groceries, ordering food, etc., have been made easier using apps created for such specific purposes.

This newfound popularity of smart apps due to the ease and convenience they offer, will surely mean that more and better mobile apps will be developed.

2. Gaming Apps Have Become More Popular

The shift of the work culture towards a working-from-home situation has definitely made people spend more time indoors. This change has made people find alternative ways of killing boredom resulting in the increased use of gaming apps.

A survey by Statista also showed a spike in gaming app downloads, with Ludo King, Rummy 13 Cards, and Bubble Shooter being the popular ones. This surge in the use of gaming apps is undoubtedly due to the extensive use of smartphones for entertainment, along with being the resultant impact of the pandemic.

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3. There Has Been A Rise In The Use Of Communication Apps

Many communication apps have made it to the A list for helping people connect with others in the time of quarantines and social distancing. Apps such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc., were popularly used as a communication tool not just for everyday conversations, but for official meetings as well. In addition, the seamless video and message conferencing offered by these apps helped a large section of people to have uninterrupted working facilities with better communication features to work remotely.

While many apps were not so known before the pandemic, numerous apps have now become popular due to their increased demand. For example, an interesting Zoom statistics revealed that the Zoom application showed a 30x increase in downloads from 2019, suggesting the rapid growth of similar apps in the near future.

4. Small-Scale Developers Have Gained More Opportunities

Companies across the world have been affected by the pandemic in one way or another, but a few were still able to utilize opportunities presented by these unfortunate times. Mobile application developers top this list, as they have been successful in identifying the hidden opportunity that this challenging time has presented them with.

Today major companies are tying up with small digital service providers to create apps and other digital products that can essentially stand the test of uncertain times while providing easy means for going remote when needed.

Areas Where Mobile Apps Have Seen A Surge In Use

The increased use of mobile apps has helped people have an undisrupted life even during the pandemic. While a multitude of apps are now available to manage everything from everyday mundane tasks to complex business management, some industries have reaped more benefits than others. These are

  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Gaming
  • Groceries Delivery
  • Healthcare

One cursory glimpse of our daily life would help see how we rely on mobile apps for most of our daily activities, and are now pretty much addicted to its ease and convenience. Here is how we created some of the best apps keeping exactly this in mind.

Summing Up!

COVID-19 has definitely created a tough time for humanity, but with challenges, there comes opportunities. The pandemic has hit most of the global and local businesses very hard, but with new coping skills and strategies, these businesses have realized the impact and importance of going digital.

More and more companies are now utilizing the benefits of investing in mobile application development and other digital services while COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in the world. Such uncertainties have shown us how technology can play a prominent role in assisting people in navigating through crises.

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