The Types of Content Marketing Strategies to Target Your Customers

Today, every digital marketing agencies out there, very well understand the significance of content marketing for their business. To get an idea on what we’re talking about, take a look into our previous blog on content marketing. Over the years, what we understood about content marketing is that the reason why content marketing is far much different than any other traditional elements of marketing is that content marketing strategies are focussed not only on selling. Well, you might be confused there, but content marketing focuses on the remarkable act of generating the marketing goals you wish to opt for your business. The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me. With content marketing, you make customers aware of your product, provide information about your product and therefore indirectly sell your product. For instance, how does a visitor know about your product if there is a very negligible quantity in content your site? How would you nurture your clients; exactly, that’s where content marketing strategies help your business. Therefore, it’s essential for us to understand the types of content marketing strategies to target your customers, such that it suits your business requirements. In this article, we’ll discuss on why you should be aiming to deliver valuable content and the types of content marketing which are best at bringing traffic to your website and for reaching out to the right people.

1. Blogging

Blog posts make up the central part of the content marketing strategy for plenty of brands and businesses out there. Blogging is one of the most popular and simplest forms of content marketing that every business follow. Blogs are one of the best options in digital marketing to drive more organic traffic to your site and improve SEO for the search engines. “A lot of marketers are under the assumption that simply creating more content than the competition will get them the results they want. I beg to differ. If Google algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin have shown us anything, it’s that quality trumps everything else.”- Neil Patel Blog posts and articles typically don’t take too long to write, with enough creativity and knowledge, digital marketers find blogging easier than any other type of digital marketing. If you combine enough keywords with relevant content to the topic, these blogs are easily found by Google, visitors will find them interesting and worth a share thus getting you out there much easier are happy to read and share them, and it’s a quick way to offer value at a relatively low cost.

2. Infographics

Infographics are yet another way of a creative content marketing strategy it helps businesses visually educate their audiences, keeping it attractive with images and just the relevant contents. Infographics allow you to pack a ton of required information into one image without having to write pages about it. This way of providing information that is visually interesting catches the attention of your audience and makes it easily digestible for them. “Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.” – Seth Godin If your company prefers to use infographics to interest and captivate your audience, consider which subjects are best suited for infographics. Infographics can be used to explain a complicated subject in a much easier way, with the current statistics that help others easily understand the value of what your business provides, or what you aim to convey. Typically, any information that would profit from a visual attention can make an excellent infographic topic.

3. Social Media

We all very well know that businesses whether small or large have now learned to harness the power of social media management to reach their target audiences. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram help businesses reach a much wider audience at an affordable rate. Having a social media platform support your business helps nurture relationships with customers. So how does content marketing come under social media management? The content you use for your social media posts performs an important role in how your company interests new leads and existing customers; it all comes to how you keep them engaged. “Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.” – Matt Goulart How you use contents regarding your social media posts as part of your content marketing strategy will depend on what your intentions are and how you wish to get your products out there.

4. Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are something that the customers leave; therefore other customers can understand the social proof of the merit of your offerings. Reviews and testimonials can show how your audience trust your company and products; they are an essential example of Content Marketing to get the attention of your audience and then convert them into customers. “Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t about giving customers talking points, as if they were brand spokespeople. It’s about delivering an exceptional customer experience that makes customers want to recommend you.” – Deborah Eastman Thus by incorporating reviews and recognition from review websites or customers on your site gives a sense of assurance to newer clients. Content in the form of testimonials from a third-party review site adds a level of credibility to your website. These testimonials and reviews can not only be used as written contents in your website but also as a video content or image. There are tons to learn when it comes to content marketing; if you wish you learn more, read all about our content marketing services to decide if partnering with Parel Creative is the right decision for your business. A diverse content marketing strategy will constantly guide your business to get a sustainable, long-term, and significant results out of your campaigns making sure you’re getting your money’s worth.


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