Brand is an elaborate image that conveys your product or business to the people, an image that is vital for the survival of your organization. Whether it is to develop a brand or transform an existing brand, you need a creative branding agency with the flair to uncover your unique voice. Parel is a strategic branding agency in India devoted to building brands that will achieve and outlast. Take a glance at the awesome work we do around here and decide for yourself if we’re the right branding agency for you.


Through brand strategy we craft experiences that help brands evolve. Your brand should resonate who you really are and what you really do. Creating an identity that goes beyond your product, logo, website or name requires a strategy that is well developed and executed. And we’re good at creating comprehensive brand strategies that will inspire and persuade consumers.


Brand collateral is the material manifestation of the brand, the indispensable cluster of all your communication materials which incessantly convey the details of your product or service. From creative brochure designs and packaging through to point of sale and advertising, we produce marketing collateral in congruence with the brand’s identity.


Logo is literally the face of a brand. Creating a distinct, memorable logo that could perfectly conjure up the essence of a brand is often a daunting task. Here at Parel, our team of designers and creatives will work relentlessly, keeping in mind your dream, to create a logo that is appropriate, uncomplicated and original, a logo that will certainly have a positive effect on your business.


We conceive, design and execute digital art to be used in online advertising and digital marketing campaigns. Art is being constantly redefined when it is transformed to the digital. Our art direction crew, a talented mesh of designers, will inject their different flavours to ultimately create exciting digital expressions.


Words work in a different way in digital space. Crafting the right content is as imperative as good design. Whether it be writing engaging, meaningful web content and copy, creating intuitive concepts for campaigns or adopting a strategic, innovative approach to social media, our copywriters always manage to bring a little something extra to the table. This distinguishes the copywriting services that we provide from others.

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