How Can I Promote My Business On Social Media

So your business is all set up, and you’re ready with everything needed for it to flourish out. ?

Now what? How do you get the word out about your business, and where do you focus your time on that? Being in the branding and digital marketing industry for years, we could assuredly say Social Media promotion is your answer to that.

We think we don’t need to tell you how big Social Media is. However, if you still doubt the power of social channels, just see the below infographic from ‘Hootsuite’ to find how frequently people are using these platforms every day.?

With such widespread use, these platforms present an incredible marketing opportunity for every business. With that being said, we know a lot of people are still a bit unsure of how they can make the most out of marketing on Social Media. If you currently find yourself wondering like this, this article will present you with seven top strategies to skyrocket your social media marketing.

#1. Fill Out Your Profile Page

A blank FB page or Instagram profile won’t be attractive if you want to gain followers. So the first step after creating your Social Media handles is to fill out your profile info in an understandable manner.

Create an excitingAboutsection – add relevant links, mention other social networks’ profiles, write in your business story, provide contact details – and everything else you can do to make it appealing and informative.

Here’s how Parel Creative made our Facebook ‘About’ page interactive.

#2. Add Your Branded #Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the ever trending techniques in Social Media. These can help you to creatively spot your target audience from a massive pool of users.

Incorporate hashtags in your bio section. You can have general hashtags, which are relevant to your posts, special hashtags such as the one used for contests or giveaways or the branded ones that take the form #YourBrandName.

With the creative use of hashtags, you can develop a thread of exciting stories and content that are easily accessible to your audience. This is how we used targeted hashtags to get clients for digital marketing services from India and Singapore.?

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#3. Cross-Promote On Other Channels

Cross-promotion on other channels is more like reminding your audience that you have Social Media accounts on other channels as well. This doesn’t have to be complex always; you can just provide your other Social Media links in a post along with a call-to-action asking people to follow the accounts.

Different people are active on diverse Social Media platforms. Therefore, cross-promotion allows your audience to follow your business updates from their preferred channels. Furthermore, it also helps you to get wider reach, visibility and brand awareness across the Internet.

#4. Create Targeted Ads

This involves developing ads based on your audiences’ likes and dislikes. There are various ways of using Social Media to create such ads. For instance, you can use the audience insights inside the Facebook Ads Manager to find the users’ interests for creating highly targeted ads. Just like this, you can create targeted ads on almost every Social Media platform such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

And also, try not to keep yourselves away from interacting with your audience. When they post comments and queries on your ads, make sure you answer them precisely. Interaction is one of the keys to building a loyal customer base.

Here is an example of targeted ads from Facebook that appeared on my screen when I was actively searching for stock images just now.?

#5. Tag Products To Your Posts

This is a feature available on Facebook and Instagram, where you can set up tags that directly lead your customers to the product page upon clicking. Also known as shoppable tags, these are a must-have for retail brands.

By tagging your products to the posts, your audience can easily access them without having to search your entire website, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

#6. Provide Social-Only Discounts

Just like every other discount, you can provide social-only discounts that your audience can avail of only through social media. You can present coupon codes or offers on your products and promote them only through your social media profiles, so that people need to regularly visit the profile to see if there is a new offer.

Myntra regularly posts such social-only discounts on Instagram, which might be one of the top reasons why they have 2.3 million followers on their Instagram page.

#7. Use Unique Or Branded Social Icons On Your Website

When the customers enter your website, try to make it easy for them to find your Social Media handles. You can try changing the colour of the social icons with your brand colours to make them more attractive.

Here are our social icons. Do follow to get regular updates!?

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