Nest8 is a Q&A platform for entrepreneurs and business coaches to share advice and post inspirational messages. Headquartered in United States with branches in Singapore. The app is one of its kind helping users to achieve their financial goals and provide a solution for all their finance related questions.


The client wanted the mobile application to help in budgeting as well as assist in financial literacy. The Nest8 App had to revolutionize something that seems totally mundane and monotonous into something much more entertaining and fun so that people will want to use it.


From initial job scope to wireframes, custom icons, avatars and user journeys, we worked hand in hand with the client. We created an app that was user friendly and made budgeting and expense tracking fun and amusing with games and avatar creations. Users gained points, unlocked avatars and advanced in levels based on their app usage. Now on iOS and Android, the end result was a product that was exactly how the client imagined it, if not better.

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